Types of Sport
Types of Sport

Types of Sport

There are many sports in todays world that draw a wide array of audiences. Some of the most popular are held in huge stadiums that can hold thousands and thousands of fans. The athletes that play these sports are commonly consumed with an enormous amount of pressure and dedication to their sport.

They are also usually very talented and have worked hard since they were children to become as successful as they are to even make it to the professional level of sports.

Considered the most popular sport in the world, football (American soccer), contains a huge fan base and is usually a very profitable sport. Football is known for its world dominance as many different countries participate in the famous FIFA World Cup tournament.

Brazil is considered the most prestigious team since it has one the World Cup more than any other country. Aside from the national level of football, there are also smaller organizations of football. An example of teams on the smaller level includes Barcelona and Real Madrid in Spain. Even on this level, football is a very profitable sport.

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Real Madrid tickets are the way these football teams make money by selling them to the fans for an opportunity to watch their teams play. Another popular sport, especially in America, is baseball. Baseball is played on a baseball field which is a combination of dirt and grass usually. There are nine active players on each team and they take turn playing in the field, or trying to hit a ball being thrown by the other team.

The most notable rivalry between two baseball teams is between the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox. Both teams are in the same division, and seem to be constantly battling for the title in the American League East division. Some notable current players include Alex Rodriquez, David Ortiz, Ryan Howard, and Chase Utley. A third popular sport is American Football. Although this is called football, it is a completely different game compared to football outside of America. American Football consists of a rectangular playing field with two upright goal posts at each end.

The object of the game is to throw the ball, not kick the ball, into a specified end zone at each end of the field. The only time the ball is kicked is when a player attempts a field goal, or the kicker is punting the ball, or kicking off. Recently, the New England Patriots have been the most dominant team. Last season, they won every single game during the regular season, but failed to make it to the Super Bowl after losing in the playoffs. These three sports are all very popular and very profitable in their respective places of origin. It is amazing to see how most sports have evolved from early Roman and Indian games.


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