10 Places To See In Western Europe
10 Places To See In Western Europe

10 Places To See In Western Europe

On your family holiday to Western Europe there are ten places you must see. Starting in France and moving outward to Belgium and Luxembourg, then North to the Netherlands, and back West again to England and Ireland, the list goes as follows:

1. Paris, France- Disneyland and The Louvre- the greatest art museum in the world, contains the original Mona Lisa and thousands of other priceless works of art.

2. Brussels, Belgium- Grand Place-Grote Market - a magnificent market circled by the city tower and 300 year old buildings, and illuminated by night, the market often has light and music shows and food vendors.

3. Diekirch, Luxembourg- the official WWII Museum, including the most exhaustive collection of artefacts and memorabilia from the war. This is a great opportunity to teach the kids about history and in a beautiful city that is easily travelled on foot.

4. Delft, the Netherlands- Old Church New Church (Oude Kerk, Nieuwe Kerk) - New Church was built in 1496 and contains incredible views of the countryside surrounding the city, the culture and history in this attraction far outweigh the cost, which is free. Old Church was built in 1296 and is the oldest church in the Netherlands, and it is also free. The architecture of the whole city is breathtaking.

5. Manchester, England- Castlefield- the site of the original Roman camp from the invasion of England by Rome in the first century C.E. Castlefield is a beautiful oasis in the midst of a lively city. The music scene in the city is amazing as well.

6. Belfast, Ireland- Donegall Square and Belfast Castle- Donegall Square is the heart of the city and includes some fabulous architecture and some of the neatest shops Ireland had to offer. There is a Titanic boat tour in the city as well. But the highlight is Belfast Castle on the outskirts of town.

7. Glasgow, Scotland- Clyde Auditorium and Glasgow Cathedral- Some of the greatest examples of Victorian and Edwardian architecture are found in Glasgow. The heart of the city is clad in the Victorian revival of Gothic Styles. Huge arches, and pointed towers loom in every corner. Stained glass and massive doorways are all over. It is an amazing city.


8. Newcastle upon Tyne, England- Hadrians Wall- one of the most acclaimed military undertakings in history.

9. Cannes, France- Palais des Festivales and Îles de Lérins- the site for the famous Cannes Film Festival and hundreds of other festivals for the arts. The city has over 30 beautiful beaches. The Iles de Lerins are two islands in the bay on which a monastery and resort lie. The local life is a blast and youll never want to leave.

10. Marseille, France- Notre Dame de la Garde and le Vieux Port- the greatest church ever made and one of the biggest and oldest ports in the world. The things youll see in this city will fill your imagination forever.

On your family holiday to Western Europe there are ten places you must see.