Steve Harvey Collection

Steve Harvey Collection

Steve Harvey is the comedian who has been making people laugh for decades. His unique delivery of comic relief has made an immense pop icon. He has had his own TV show, starred in movies and is a very successful standup comic; it would only be right that he succeeded at something else. This article will focus on the different types of suits and apparel that are contained in the Steve Harvey Collection. You will get a brief overview on each part of the collection and other vital information.

Steve Harvey is a funny guy, but he is also known for his dapper dressing style. People all around the entertainment industry can single out Steve Harvey as a well dressed man. Created to be in touch with the new millennium the Steve Harvey Collection has four different lines, all geared towards different men. The Boardroom Collection is made for the young professional or the well travelled and experienced businessman. The Steve Harvey Signature Collection is focused on the man who is all about fashion and sophistication. The Couture Collection offers fine Italian designs for people who want a more refined look. The Steve Harvey Custom Collection is for those men who like to stand out and make a statement.

The Steve Harvey Collection consists of suits, ties, shoes and cufflinks. Each aspect brings something different and unique. There are many different types of suits that are available from different colors to different materials. The more popular style of suits are the ones that are made from silk and wool. These have been known to fly out of the stores due to their popular demand. The shoes in the Steve Harvey Collection are famous "gator" skin. Made from crocodile skin people need to own a pair to match with their fancy suits. The ties can be found in a wide range of colors and styles. Made from silk, they are a necessary accessory when it comes to making sure that you look good. Finally no suit is complete without a nice pair of cufflinks. The collection offers cufflinks that are made from rhinestone and others mother of pearl.

This wise comedian has brought something different and unique to the table. The Steve Harvey Collection is not just quality, it is class. You can find some of the best suits, shoes, ties and cufflinks all in the offerings of the brand. This will not only ensure that you are looking good for whatever event you go to, but there will be a plethora of people complimenting you on your impeccable sense of style. To be sure you are in the cutting edge place of style, be sure to get something from the Steve Harvey Collection.

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