A Day In The Life Of An Accountant

A Day In The Life Of An Accountant

While the work isnt exactly physical, accounting is one of the most demanding jobs in any industry. These employees perform on the frontline of an organizations financial engine. They are responsible for making sure the books are balanced, bills paid and that profit margins are not sagging.

Most accountants get their work done on a routine 40 to 50 hour week schedule. Although there are many different types of accountants, most of them keep consistent track of payments, transfers of capital and financial positions for institutional clients or individuals. They must be efficient with numbers and most importantly, delivering unfavorable news to clients.

An accountant is often put in the position where he/she must be the bearer of bad news. These, of course, are situations where they should expect to be greeted in a fashion that is less then friendly. Several people entering the field have admitted that this is the most unanticipated drawback to the profession.

On average, an internal auditor spends a small amount of their time dealing with paperwork and standard accounting procedures. Most of their day consists of speaking with clients on the phone and traveling to meet with executives, representatives and other divisional auditors.

The daily operations of a tax accountant are significantly different. Most are either self-employed or employed at a small firm, where they are responsible for tracking income for their clients and making sure they are squared away with state and federal agencies. The corporate tax accountant is more involved in the decision-making process, largely responsible for managing a companys tax issues and assets.

The level of responsibility in this profession is high to say the least. Because the bulk of what an accountant does is thoroughly covered in school, those who found the classroom environment too demanding are likely to have a hard time in the professional field.

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