Pacman is back for your mobile phone – for free!
Pacman is back for your mobile phone – for free!

Pacman is back for your mobile phone – for free!

The classic Pacman is back for your mobile phone! It originated in Japan in 1979. Whenever you think of an arcade the first thing you think of is Pac Man. Pac Man became so popular so fast that it became a breakfast cereal and a TV cartoon show.

Pac Man goes through the maze eating up dots and earning points. But he must eat the dots before the ghosts eat him. There are 4 ghosts , the red ghost is the chaser is named blinky, a pink ghost is the ambusher named speedy, the blue ghost is fickle and is named bashful and the last orange ghost is stupid named pokey.

There are 4 energizer pellets in the corner of the maze, each time

Pac man eats one, the ghosts turn dark blue and instead of chasing Pac Man they move in the other direction. For the first ghost that gets eaten it is 200 pts, then 400pts for the next , 800 pts for the one after that and 1600 pts for the last ghost eaten.

Regular dots are worth ten points and the energizer pellets are worth 50. At each level of the game you will see a piece of fruit go by the first level you will see cherries they are worth 100 points. Next level and so on you will see a bananas worth 300 then orange is 500, apple is 700 and a melon is 1000 pts. The higher you get in the levels of the game the more things are worth points.

Once you get 10,000 points Pac Man earns a new life. The object is to advance to as many levels as you can and earn as many points as you can.

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