Dating Tips: 5 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl
Dating Tips: 5 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl

Dating Tips: 5 Traits Guys Look for in a Girl

Men are as variable as women when it comes to what they find attractive in the other sex. Some people notice eyes first, some people notice a smile or sense of humour, while others may be attracted to clothing or personal style. It varies across the board for all ages, no matter where you live.

The good news is that when it comes down to character, men are surprisingly consistent. There are certain traits that men find attractive, no matter what age or situation you are in. For the most part, these can be boiled down to 5 important traits guys look for in a girl.

The 5 Traits Guys Look For In A Girl:

1. Independence Clingy, dependant girls are not attractive. Being independent and having a life of your own not only shows you are a unique, lively person, it also shows you are secure enough to leave your boyfriend for periods of time, and gives him that much needed and often-talked-about space. Its great to feel loved, but too much dependence can feel like suffocation. Having a external interests and activities is essential and also gives your boyfriend time and reason to miss you while away!

2. Confidence Study after study shows that the most attractive trait in either sex in confidence. Results from a New York speed dating

study, for example, show that women percieved as confident recieve consistently higher match rates. When you are happy with yourself, it lets others know that there is something to be happy about, that you have substance and quality. A little jealousy is natural and can even be endearing, but a constantly second-guessing, insecure girlfriend, who always questions your actions and motives is extremely unattractive. Be confident and trusting. If he cheats, its his loss, and youre confident and secure enough to leave him for someone better.

3. Calmness A woman worked up is a mans nightmare. From his nagging mother to his annoying ex-girlfriend, your man has likely seen his fair share of feminine freak outs. These situations are frightening for men, who avoid them at all costs. Be open, calm, and logical at all times, and the friendship and respect between you will grow. If you are consistently agitated and/or irrational, your man will avoid you, especially in times when he likely needs you the most. Be there for him, in a composed, understanding and rational way.

4. Dont Be A Nag Let it go! Know your battles, and choose them wisely. Like all creatures, men can be a little stubborn or ridiculous at times. You need to learn when to stand your ground and when to let it slide. Nagging never solves the problem, usually impedes the solution, and always ends up evoking resentment.

6. Respect (for his likes, dislikes, his mom, his friends, etc.) This one is a deal breaker. There must be respect in a relationship, and it must be mutual. This means listen to opinions (even if you dont agree with them), give full support and never demean|belittle in any way, shape, or form especially in public or in front of friends and family. Even if it goes against the grain, sometimes you just have to agree to disagree. You may not like all his decisions, or certain aspects of his life, and you dont have to but you do have to respect them.

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