Losing Stomach Fat: 3 Secrets for Quickly Shredding Your Fat Tummy
Losing Stomach Fat: 3 Secrets for Quickly Shredding Your Fat Tummy

Losing Stomach Fat: 3 Secrets for Quickly Shredding Your Fat Tummy

So why is losing stomach fat so difficult for most people?

Simply because they tend to focus on abs exercises like crunches and sit ups.

However, when it comes to losing belly fat, exercise alone is not the answer. A better option is to focus on your diet. In almost every instance simply knowing what and how to eat will have you losing stomach fat in a matter of days!

The bottom line is that if you want to quickly shed your fat tummy than you need to begin to rearrange your diet. There are certain types of foods that need to be consumed at the correct times. And of these certain types of foods, nothing deserves more attention than your carbohydrate intake because there is no other area of your diet that will have as big of an impact on getting rid of stomach fat!

So allow me to ask you three questions...

1. Do you consume an abundance of carbohydrates in the P.M. hours?

2. Does your diet consist of a large portion of refined carbs?

3. Do you eat a lot of bread?

So lets begin with question one. (And you just might want to pay attention here, because getting this right will have you losing belly fat in a matter of days!)

Everyone should be consuming at least five to six small meals a day.

During your first three meals of the day, consuming a wide range of good carbs (whole grains, vegetables, fruits, etc) is important. However, during the last two to three meals of the day you need to substantially reduce your carbohydrate intake.

Carbs are high energy foods that your body needs in the beginning of the day in order to give you the energy to make it through the day. However, your body does not need a large amount of carbs in the P.M hours because these are the hours when people tend to be the least active (The hours when most of us sleep).

If you consume a large amount of carbohydrates in the P.M. hours, your body tends to store them as belly fat. So beginning now, consume very little, if any, carbohydrates in the P.M hours and you will notice some very quick fat loss.

Question two is pretty cut and dry. You need to do your absolute best to eliminate the refined carbs in your diet.

This means...

-No soda

-White bread

-Anything that contains high fructose corn syrup or other forms of refined sugar

-Any other food source that tends to be highly processed such as pizza crust, candy and other sweets).

Refined carbs are the biggest fat producing culprits that exist and they need to be avoided!

And as for question three. Most people consume way too much bread. Typically every meal contains bread, whether it be on sandwiches or simply as a side portion to their main meal. Now bread is good for you, but its also a carbohydrate dense, high energy food that can lead to a fat tummy.

If you want a surefire way to quickly begin losing stomach fat than you need to eliminate the bulk of the bread in your diet.


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