Infertility and its Impact on Divorce Rates
Infertility and its Impact on Divorce Rates

Infertility and its Impact on Divorce Rates

Marriage has many aspects such as social, legal and personal. One of the most important of these is intimate activity. Regular intimacy is the lifeblood of any successful relationship. To copulate physically is a natural human urge. In a marriage, it has two main purposes.

The first one is to procreate and thus contribute to the propagation of human race. The other is spousal unity. Physical intimacy is a great way for the partners to come close and form a strong emotional bond that keeps the marriage on a rock-solid foundation.There are many people who are strongly attached to children.

They like them and want to interact with them regularly. One of the purposes of their getting married is to have kids in their family. They look forward to bearing the sweet responsibility of rearing children, grooming them, educating them and turning them into mature, self-confident adults who can become a productive member of the society. Things however do not always go as planned.

There are spouses who are infertile and unable to have children. The dream to procreate thus remains unfulfilled, which gives rise to a lot of stress and anxiety in a marriage, bringing it to the verge of disintegration. Infertility can be due to many causes.

The most common of these are some physical problems with the reproductive system. The male partner may be unable to get an erection or may have a lower sperm count than that required for fertilisation. The female partner may have problems such as blocked fallopian tubes and inability to produce eggs.

In todays world, infertility is often caused by pressures of modern life and the stress they generate. Hard-pressed and busy executives lose their libido and sometimes totally stop taking their partner to bed.

Quite a few people, especially those who suffered emotional abuse min childhood, develop nervousness and performance anxiety which prevents them from copulating successfully. Lifestyle problems too can cause infertility, such as alcohol, drug and tobacco abuse in men and anorexia, starvation diet or smoking in women.

Humans, like other species on this planet, perpetuate their race through procreation. We have been hot-wired by nature to copulate with the opposite gender and have children. Once the kids are born, the parents have fixed responsibilities assigned to them by tradition.

Both of them have to create a home where children can be brought up in comfort and safety. The father has to provide bread to the family as well as a feeling of physical security. The mother is supposed to stay at home with the children to take care of their needs and give them emotional support.

Having children and rearing them up for many years is an experience that is essential to have a fulfilling and satisfying life. Babies give rise to a cocktail of very powerful emotions in the parents. For the latter, the children seem an extension of their own personalities. Kids are a sure cure for loneliness and depression.

They form a pivot around which the lives of parents turn, maturing them and inculcating in them a sense of tremendous responsibility. Parents have a life-long relationship with children. True, there are many ups and downs and it is not always easy to bring up kids, especially when they are entering the teenage.

However, the blood bond is quite strong and not easily broken. Children are indeed a big support for the parents throughout their lives. In old age, the latter have the pleasure of establishing a bond with grandchildren, which provides tremendous emotional support.

If a married couple is ever to establish a proper family, the presence of children is essential. However, it comes as a shock to a partner when he or she gets to know that the other individual is infertile and thus the marriage will remain childless.

Young couples are busy with their careers and have jest for life. They can still postpone parenthood for many years. But sooner or later, the desire to have kids of their own catches up with them.

This is the time when people really wanting kids file for divorce so that they can enter into a new relationship where they can fulfil their dream of motherhood or fatherhood. James Walsh is a freelance writer and copy editor. If you would like more information on how to get a quickie