Gogos Crazy Bones A Parents Guide

Gogos Crazy Bones A Parents Guide

If Gogos Crazy Bones have not reached your childs school yet, they soon will. This increasingly popular mini game craze is catching on fast and with a price tag that means children can buy their own collection of toys from pocket money, you will shortly be finding these little plastic mini figures all over their bedroom. To give you a bit of a clue as to what they are all about, this article will cover what they are, the newest range just released and the accessories available.

Gogos Crazy Bones are small, colourful, collectible characters that are used for playing a range of mini games typically in playgrounds. There are hundreds of these little toys available and each one has a unique face and name. You used to get three in a packet accompanied by three stickers although a number more are needed to play the mini games properly. The games involve rolling, throwing and catching the figures in a variety of different games.

At only about £1 for a packet and offering your children hours of fun, they are a sweet little idea.There have been four series of Gogos - original, Evolution, Explorer and just released is Power. Each series characters have a slightly different overall design, with Powers uniqueness coming in its metallic coating. Unlike in older versions, you no longer get three Gogos, but now only two. The stickers have also vanished to be replaced by trading cards.

There is a starter pack available if your child is new to this toy and it is well worth having. You not only get two packs of Gogos but also a game guide explaining the new trading card game and an album to store them in. As well as the starter pack you can buy multi pack sets. The larger sets, such as the boxes of 30, are ideal for birthday party bags. You can give each child one of the packets to start off their collection.Once your child has a growing collection of these easily lost little characters, you will realise that they need somewhere to store them.

You can either buy one of the small bags on offer, which comes with one pack of Gogos , or one of the larger metal tins. The bags hold about 30 Gogos and the tin holds many more and also comes with a set of 10 exclusive Gogos that cannot be bought separately. There are also a number of books available related to the toys.

These give fun facts on each Gogo character as well as offering fun activities to do.Chloe Alice Wilson is the founder of BestBen10Toys.co.uk - an independent review website of everything Ben 10. She writes articles on many topics related to toys. Please visit her website to learn the 10 things every parent should know about

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