Steps in Preparing for a Home Renovation Project

Steps in Preparing for a Home Renovation Project

A home renovation project can be very exciting. If youre the creative type, youll love getting involved in the design, planning and selection of materials. However, even the most efficient and creative homeowner will tell you that home renovations are usually characterized by frustration and delays and can be very stressful. Here are few steps to help you prepare for your home renovation project so that you know what to expect and can deal more effectively with the challenges as they arise.

Step One - Decide on Your Level of Involvement in the Project
Renovations always seem like a great idea, until you discover the amount of work really involved. Some simple advice is not to jump in feet first and then be overwhelmed halfway into the project. Be realistic about the time you have available. If you work full-time or part-time or have a busy home and family life, you may want to look for a contractor who can help you plan and manage the process. Their expertise can prove invaluable and may actually work out to be more cost-effective in the long run. A good contractor will be able to let you know what is practically involved in doing the renovation you have in mind. They may bring up snags that you wouldnt have thought of, or can offer ideas on more effective ways to do things. Only you know the extent of your creative and management abilities but give your level of involvement careful consideration before embarking on a renovation project.

Step Two - Consider Seasonality and the Time Frame for the Project
This is especially important with larger projects that may require structural changes to your home. In some areas, heavy winter snowfalls will prevent you from carrying out building renovations in the winter months. Consult with experts and get opinions on the estimated time frame for your renovation project. This will give you a good idea when to start so that you can complete it in time. You dont want to be stuck three-quarters of the way through a project and then not be able to continue due to adverse weather conditions. Even if your renovation involves only internal modeling, consider that workmen still need to be able to access the renovation area. You dont want muddy feet walking through your house and ruining your carpets in the rainy season, for example. We can change or delete this

Step Three - Consider the Scope of the Project and the Level of Your Budget Flexibility
Building and renovation projects are notorious for exceeding budgets and ending up being far more costly than first anticipated. What starts out as being small and simple project can end up being expensive and complicated. To avoid being caught unaware, try get a contractor that comes in below your allocated budget so that you have some funds spare to cater for unexpected expenses and eventualities. This is usually easier said than done; but try and have at least a small budget surplus to work with.

Step Four - Consider how the Renovations will Affect or Interrupt Your Home Life
Renovating your lounge or dining room may mean that for a while you must have meals in the kitchen, or that the kids can only play in their bedrooms. This can cause tension because of the cramped environment. Even older kids can become bratty and irritable because they are confined to one area of the house and this can make home management more difficult. A good idea may be to do such renovations when the kids are away at summer camp. Be aware of how the renovations may affect your home life so that you can adjust more easily to unexpected complications. Need to change. A lot of our renovations the home owners have kids and we cant start turning that away.

Step Five - Preparing Your Home for the Start of a Renovation Project
Depending on the extent of the renovation, you may have to pack up and empty out a portion of your home. Think of where you will store the furniture and household items, and how long it will take you to pack them up. Make sure that fragile or precious items are properly packaged and safely stowed away. Start preparing well in advance so that even if it does take you longer than expected, you will still have everything cleared away before the builders arrive.

Step Six - Consider Access to the Renovation Site
Your home and privacy will be affected by a renovation project. Contractors generally start their work day much earlier than office workers. This means that you may need to adjust your home schedule so that you are up and dressed by the time they arrive on site. If they are working in just one part of the house, consider how they will access the site. Will they be coming and going through your front door, kitchen or lounge, and how will that affect the general safety and security of your home? This is also important if you have pets. You dont want contractors leaving gates open so your dogs run into the road. Neither do you want your dog running across freshly poured cement and causing havoc in the renovations. You may need to temporarily block off one part of your house or create a temporary access point for the contractors while they are at work.We are a renovation company that specializes in Complete calgary home renovations. From the simplest basement renovation and design to more complex projects such as a complete kitchen renovation, additions to your home, or that custom home theater you have always wanted. We can do it all for you, and all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the fruits of our labour.