Sophisticated Clothing Ideas for the Summer
Sophisticated Clothing Ideas for the Summer

Sophisticated Clothing Ideas for the Summer

There are only a few people who dont love summer. The warm weather and pleasant breezes make all kinds of fun outdoor activities possible. If there is one complaint about the high temperatures though, its trying to find a way to wear great looking clothes that are cool and comfortable, but still look sophisticated.

The good news is for the upcoming hot months, there are several options to looking good while beating the heat.Especially for women, one of the biggest challenges of looking put together in the summer is your hair.

Leaving your hair down often results in frizzy or lifeless looking locks. Putting it up often means a drab, boring ponytail. Fortunately, one of the hottest trends, pun intended, is the head wrap or scarf.

For those of you unfamiliar with these miracle accessories, the big thing to do with your hair for the summer months is wear a wide headband, printed scarf, or a combination of both in a fun print, in order to manage your hair.

These accessories can be worn to just hold the hair back from the face or scarves without the headband can be worn as a headband or wrapped around a ponytail to dress it up or a chignon. Its an easy, stylish way to keep your maintained in the humid, hot weather of summer and looks great. Its versatile for long, medium, or short hair.

With the amazing fabrics available in todays clothing its easier than ever to look polished in the heat. Lets take linen for example. Southern gentlemen have long known the secret to this cool, comfortable fabric. It has been used for generations of men in the South to create good looking, comfortable suits.

You can find linen in every color and piece of clothing you could possibly need. Shirts, pants, and skirts are manufactured in this easy to care for, lightweight fabric. Linen is also known for looking fabulous regardless of how high the mercury soars.

Another incredible fabric to include in your summer wardrobe is cotton jersey. It isnt just used for kids clothes and T-shirts anymore. Just about every retailer offers a wide variety in cotton jersey clothing.

What would be more comfortable and cool at a picnic than a jersey baby doll dress? Cotton jersey leggings are making a huge splash this season as well and could be used in the cooler fall months under a sweater or long skirt. Dont forget to include wide legged and cropped pants in this fabric for a more professional look for the office this summer.

A quick change of accessories will have you out of the office and having dinner and drinks with friends before you know it.If you are into trends, the time is perfect for going back to the preppy look.

You remember the polo style shirts that were so popular years ago. Well they are back better than ever. There is something about the cut and style of those shirts that always looks great and cool even on the hottest days.

Shirts designed like this are perfect for everything from an outdoor activity to pairing with lightweight khaki pants for work.To look sophisticated this summer, wear clothes that are cut for comfort.

This isnt the season for tight, restrictive clothes. You will feel cooler and more comfortable in flowing skirts and breezy tunics than in pencil skirts and tailored blouses.

The best rule is to wear fabrics that breathe, like the previously mentioned cotton jersey and linen, and choose styles that allow movement and comfort. You will look and feel like a summer breeze following these tips and hints.About Author:

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