Rent Cocktail Dresses

Rent Cocktail Dresses

Finally! Rent Cocktail Dresses at Closet Elite !

For all of you Carrie Bradshaws out there...a new website called Closet Elite ( is a fashion breakthrough thats sure to be the buzz among every fashionista in town. Every couture-loving female has wished at some point that she could just rent a designer piece instead of having to shell out hundreds to buy it for an event, knowing shell barely ever get to wear it again. Well finally can rent dresses-and gorgeous, designer styles that are hot off the runways!

Closet Elite carries dresses from designers such as Prada, Roberto Cavalli and Gucci, all the way down to Bebe and Betsey Johnson, for way cheaper than it would cost to buy them! Theres a dress for any occasion-from proms and formals, to the perfect little black cocktail dress, or a sexy little number for a big date. And theyre all incredibly affordable! Closet Elite is sure to be your newest addiction...but one you can feel smart about, and actually save money!

All of us girls know that when it comes to cocktail dresses, you barely get to wear them a few times. Semi formal and formal events are so rare, and often involve the same people. You want to look your best, but the more unforgettable your dress is, the less chance you have of being able to sport the same dress again without everyone remembering it. Closet Elite completely solves that dilemma-go all out, and pay way less than everyone that opted for a boring classic.

Closet Elite can serve you no matter where you are, since its an online service. Its like Netflix for designer dresses! You choose a dress, they mail it to you, you mail it back in a prepaid, pre addresses mailer. You can choose your shipping method, and they dont over inflate shipping costs like a lot of companies do.

Its really a great idea, I cant believe no one offered it sooner. They have great

spring dresses, holiday dresses, and everything from casual to formals. You can rent a gorgeous Dolce and Gabbana dress for under a hundred bucks (it would cost more to go buy a no-name dress from JCPenney) or get a super affordable dress from Bebe or Guess for under thirty bucks. Its seriously worth checking out!

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