How To Attract Anything You Want In Life
How To Attract Anything You Want In Life

How To Attract Anything You Want In Life

Is it really possible to "attract anything" into your life? You bet! Its possible and you can do it anytime you want. The process of attracting things you want into your life might look odd at first, but will work like magic, if you have faith in the process.

This process is called The Law of Attraction. Though there is no concrete scientific evidence that this law works, there are millions of people who have used the law and achieved everything they wanted including money, wealth, relationships, new business ventures etc.

The easiest way to understand this law is to compare yourself to a magnet. Just like a magnet has the power to attract certain things towards it and cling to it, you too can attract whatever you want. In case of the magnet, its core is already built up of stuff that makes things attract to it. But, in your case, you have to "build your own magnet". This is very simple provided you follow some simple steps.

1. Make a list of all the things you want in your life. Dont be afraid that you might not be able to achieve some of those goals. If you are afraid, you are working against the law and there is no point of going forward in this exercise.

2. An easy way of achieving step 1 is to think what all you would want in life if you can already afford them. Imagine you are already a millionaire (or a billionaire). What would you want in your life? Where would you live? What type of house would you live in? What kind of "toys" you would own? Who would be living with you? Write it as clearly as possible.

3. Now point out the single most important goal. Lets say it is about owning your dream house.

4. Set a deadline for achievement of your goal.

5. Write this goal on:
1 small card which can fit into your wallet
1 poster

6. Everyday spend some time early in the morning to visualize your goal. Imagine as if you are already living in your dream house. You might want to put on some music to help you relax and visualize better.

7. The more times you do the above exercise, the better it is. You start believing it is real and very soon it will.

8. In the coming days, you will be surprised to meet new people who can help you in achieving your goal. You will get exposed to new knowledge about your goal. This is when you will start experiencing the Law of Attraction. The more clearly you can visualize and feel the achievement of your goal, the sooner you will start experiencing the power of this law.

9. Never ever doubt your capabilities. Do not indulge in negative thinking. Think positive always.

Repeat the steps 3 to 9 for all major goals of your life. If you follow the above 9 steps, you can attract anything you want in your life!

Nishant Kasibhatla

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