The Top Fifteen Reasons People Lose Weight

The Top Fifteen Reasons People Lose Weight

Everyone has their own reasons or reasons for wanting to lose weight. These reasons vary greatly. Much of what supports the reasons people lose weight is an emotional trigger. Something that will strike at their core and force them to take action. If you have a desire to lose weight and havent begun yet it may be because you havent explored your true motivation for wanting to lose weight. You probably havent discovered an strong enough emotional trigger that you can relate to that will supply you with enough motivation to reach your weight loss goals.

This article can help. Here are several reasons that have motivated other people to lose weight:

1. I get winded walking up one flight of stairs.

2. I had to ask for a seat belt extension on an airplane.

3. I couldnt fit into a kayak I rented while on vacation.

4. I was so uncomfortable in a roller coaster car that I had to get out before the ride started.

5. I cant join the military until I lose 100 pounds.

6. Im only a teenager and my doctor told me I was overweight.

7. I hear people making fun of me because I am fat.

8. I went to buy my first new dress in a year - my dress size went up 2 sizes!

9. My friends had to leave an amusement park because I was too heavy to ride alot of the good rides.

10. I want to know what I look like thin!

11. Losing weight will make me look and feel more attractive.

12. Ive got so many other problems in my life that I needed a distraction - losing weight is my distraction!

13. I just got fed up with myself for gaining so much weight.

14. Im going to college for the first time and I want to be a "sexy" freshman.

15. My doctor told me I was borderline diabetic and should lose weight to avoid the threat of diabetes.

These are several reasons people lose weight. As you read this do you see any reasons you should lose weight? Can you relate to any of these reasons to lose weight? Your reasons may be different than those listed above. The point is you must find an emotional trigger like the ones listed above that will create an overwhelming desire for you to lose weight and keep it off. You can do this!

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Peter Harris is a health care professional that promotes health and wellness to his clients by writing frequently about diet, exercise and nutrition.