Bestselling Bra Brands
Bestselling Bra Brands

Bestselling Bra Brands

You probably have a favorite bra. You know, the bra you reach for almost every day because it is so comfortable, it fits so well and it does exactly what you want it to do. Once we find a bra like this, we tend to buy more bras of the same brand. This is how best-selling bra brands are made.

However, today, there are so many bra brands from which to choose. How do we know which bra brands are right for us? Although every womans body is different - and while certain brands will work for some women while other brands wont - there are a few brands that have emerged as top sellers.

Bestselling bra brands in the United States include Wacoal, Vanity Fair, Chantelle, Bali and Fantasie. Read on to see why average-size and plus-size women keep coming back to these same bra brands.


Wacoal entered the American marketplace approximately 15 years ago. Today, Wacoal is the top-selling bra brand in the United States. Wacoal bras are tailored to provide you with the perfect fit - whatever your bra size. Wacoal bras are geared to fit women of all shapes and sizes, from AA to G cups.

Wacoal bras tend to have generous cup sizing. The cups are full to offer good breast coverage and support. Wacoal bras are often designed with flat underwires because they lie comfortably against your skin. Wacoal bras often have hook and eye closures that are lined for extra comfort.

Wacoal bras have quite a celebrity following. Oprah has featured Wacoal bras on her show in the past, and the Wacoal Slimline Seamless Minimizer Bra 85154 is said to be one of her favorites. Whoopie Goldbergs bra of choice is the Wacoal Everyday Soft Cup Bra 85226.

Wacoals top-selling plus-size bra is the Wacoal BodySuede Full Figure Seamless Bra 85185. This bra was also voted "Best Everyday Full-Figure Bra" by Redbook magazine. The bra features seamless, lined, underwire cups with side support panels to support the full-figure womans breasts and padded shoulder straps for comfort.

Vanity Fair

Vanity Fair has been a reliable bra brand for almost 40 years. Vanity Fair is known for its commitment to fit and comfort. Women tend to find Vanity Fair bras that fit perfectly and stay loyal to the Vanity Fair brand for years.

Vanity Fair bras are often available in hard-to-find sizes with features designed for extra support and comfort. For instance, the Vanity Fair Beautiful Benefits Underarm Smoother Underwire Bra 75020 has extra-supportive wings to reduce the appearance of underarm fat and a leotard back to minimize back fat.

Many Vanity Fair bras are offered in plus sizes up to 48DDD. The Vanity Fair Soft Effects Full Figure Bra 75-094 is a favorite bra for full-figured women. The seamless construction, soft brushed microfiber, stay-put straps, and U-shaped leotard back make it a bra that women purchase again and again.


As the worlds largest French intimate apparel company, Chantelle has a certain savoir-faire when it comes to designing glamorous bras. Chantelle bras are known for top-notch design, high-quality fabric and perfect fit. From everyday basics to elegant specialty bras, Chantelle bras combine French chic with comfort.

Chantelle bras range from lacy delicate demis to t-shirt bras, many of which are available as plus size bras. Probably the most celebrated Chantelle bra line is Chantelle Africa, which features African-inspired, tattoo designs and sheer tulle accents. This collection is gorgeous! Even Oprah has features some of the Africa collection bras on her show.


Bali was founded in the 1920s by Sam and Sara Stein. What started as a mom and pop shop has grown to be one of the bestselling bra brands. Today, Bali is owned by Hanes. Bali bras are cut generously with deeper cups. Some women find they can wear one cup size smaller than they usually buy when they wear Bali bras.

Bali bras include contour bras, t-shirt bras, wireless bras, minimizers, seamless bras, and cotton bras. Perhaps the most popular Bali bra is the Bali Concealers bra collection, which features fused petals in the cups to prevent nipple show-through.


For the full-busted and full-figure woman, Fantasie bras are a dream-come-true. Since 1920, Fantasie bras have been designed with the full-busted and full-figured woman in mind. Fantasie bras include underwire bras, molded seamless cup bras, full-cup bras and balcony bras.

All Fantasie bras cater to the full-busted and full figure (or plus size) woman. Full-busted refers to a woman with a full cup size, but not necessarily a large back or band size. Fantasie bras range from a D through a G cup.

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