Digital Shirt Printing Tips

Digital Shirt Printing Tips

Every one should have the necessary know-how, before making the move to buy a digital T shirt printing machine. Considerably, before taking the plunge, a person must have the basic knowledge. Basic information we are sharing with you comes from industry experience. People believe it will help you make an informed and rewarding decision. Later searching the Internet, and speaking to different sales representatives, you will eventually end up thinking that all offerings are much the same.

It is where you start looking for a price. All manufacturers of digital T shirt printing equipment implement the technology differently. Very often cutting corners in the process are used. All have their cost effectiveness in mind, not yours.While comparing spec sheets, from different manufacturers, again you have the impression that all digital T shirt printing equipment is much the same. It is because no manufacturer would be caught dead with a lesser set of characteristics than the competition.

Moreover, I have found, in practice that too often manufacturers have their marketing department publish the spec sheet, while their engineering department has not even completely approved, or even were ever made aware of. These Spec sheets are often wish lists and the equipment that you are offered is always a set of compromises. This operation of the equipment will always look easy, and trouble free. But think about it and you would reveal the shortcomings of your equipment on a video.

While, and if, you get the manufacturer to let you attend a live demo, prepare yourself in advance. Do advise the manufacturer that you will want to run your own set of tests during the live demo.These are all different, no matter what you are told. None of manufacturer will implement the technology with the same set of compromises as another. Betting odds against coming up with two mechanically identical solutions are astronomical. And even apparent copies are different.

The live demo will reveal the differences in a hurry. These may look all the same but, believe it; they are all different, sometimes very different. Our productivity and profitability is at stake here. Try to give no quarters and make sure you run the RIP through its paces, during the live demo. Always prepare a set of tests to run.

All manufacturers can actually demonstrate - in a live demo - that his digital T shirt printing equipment can actually print white ink. Loftily, our productivity and/or profitability take a serious hit. Here only a live demo will reveal that. Just the live demo will show if preparing the T shirt, mounting the T shirt, and curing the T shirt will meet your expectations of productivity and profitability.--John Bush is a professional fashion designer with 10 years of experience in the

Custom Printed T shirts design and Screen Printing T Shirts design field.