Pear or Apple - The Sweet Guide to Lingerie

Pear or Apple - The Sweet Guide to Lingerie

Contrary to many opinions, a woman may either possess the generalized shape of an apple or a pear. There are no other categories. Much of the confusion in this matter naturally arises from a slim or fit body challenging the imagination to ponder exactly which of the two categories fits where neither seems to. The key thing to understand here is that the more excess weight the woman carries, the more pronounced her body type becomes. Shape distinction is not so much a static evaluation as it is a commentary on the way in which our bodies hold weight when we gain it.

Also, it is important to understand that as women our bodies are constantly assaulted by hormonal and chemical shifts that are both the product of heredity and our physical and emotional environments. It is a relatively common phenomenon for a woman to undergo a severe hormonal stress such as childbirth or menopause and to afterward find that her body type has changed.

This guide is meant to discuss the differences in the two body types and to assist the reader in the selection of lingerie that may help to emphasize her best assets while subtly detracting from her less than ideal features. Never forget that feeling sexy in your own skin is more alluring than the wrong cut or style of lingerie could ever be!

Spiced Pears

Go ahead and complain about your wide hips, blossoming buttocks and voluptuous thighs! If your weight gain typically takes place predominately in these areas, then you are relatively lucky. A proportionally small waist and narrow upper body, even on a heavy frame, lessens your likelihood of death by heart disease, attack or failure dramatically when compared with an apple shaped woman. Any excess of weight will create an unnecessary stress on your bones, tendons and organs but if you are a pear you definitely can afford to carry a bit more weight than your counterparts.

A pear shaped woman is also fortunate from an aesthetic viewpoint. While she may feel larger than she should be, even with a few extra pounds her figure adheres to the archetypical feminine ideal.

When choosing a good panty cut, the back is not nearly as important as the waist. Due to the pears waist to hip ratio a low rise or bikini waist is almost always preferable unless the woman in question is trim or only a few pounds overweight.

A good if somewhat overdone lingerie option for the pear figure is the baby doll nightie because it will provide masking partial hip coverage. A chemise or a long night gown with a low cut bodice is also an excellent choice because these cuts will draw attention to your upper half. A classic teddy should not be discounted provided you are holding no more than a handful of extra softness because it will make your already small waist seem even tinier, giving you an exaggerated, idealized feminine form. Dont overlook lingerie involving capris, pants or harem style leggings. Anything you can do to play down your bulges below the waist will show off your best half and help you feel the way you want to for your next intimate encounter.

Apple Tarts

If you are prone to weight gain do you see it first in your face, then next in your middle? Do you buy pants based on waist girth rather than on hip width? Are your legs your pride and joy, but you just wish your waist didnt seem so straight up and down? Do your cycles seem more irregular and your menstruation more painful on average than other women of your acquaintance? Yep, youre an apple. Welcome.

Admittedly, an apple shaped woman is not only less classically proportioned she is also prone to packing all manner of the fat that can kill her directly around her heart. Even a trim apple is at greater risk for heart disease than a pear shaped woman of the same height holding twenty to thirty pounds in excess. Weight control in apples is not only a matter of physical comfort, but of long term health. Some basic nutritional information should be employed by you for every meal you eat. Eat more fruits and vegetables with every meal to assist your digestion and metabolism. Dont partake of animal fats or red meat in general if you can help it. When it comes to oils try to stay light: virgin olive oil for cooking, flax oil for dressings. Try to use more seeds, nuts and fish for your protein needs as most of these are high in omega fatty acids which will aid your body in a natural reduction of harmful fats.

A flattering panty can take many forms but it could be useful to disguise your slightly thicker middle with a high waist as in a traditional thong. Try one in a darker shade to create a flattering optical illusion.

As for lingerie styles, try to make purchases that cinch or disguise your middle while accentuating your gams. Teddies with very high sides can paint your figure in entirely new and flattering lines. Corsets, bustiers and waist cinching garments are indispensible to you. Play with hosiery and have fun, but try to avoid dark bottoms in combination with light tops because this pairing will leave you looking your worst unnecessarily.

In Conclusion

Knowing whether you are an apple or a pear is the first step in deciding what lingerie styles or clothing styles in general will show you off to your best advantage. Remember that the key to a perfect figure is creating an image of balance between your top and bottom halves. Every woman possesses her own unique beauty. Bringing that beauty to the fore can help you to look and in turn feel your very best at anytime.


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