Gratitude + the Law of Attraction = Plentitude
Gratitude + the Law of Attraction = Plentitude

Gratitude + the Law of Attraction = Plentitude

The Power of Gratitude

When you're thankful for something, no matter how small it is, you're initiating the law of attraction to get even more of what you want and deserve. Everyone deserves to have plenty, and there's plenty to go around. But sometimes we have a deep-seated, even subconscious, belief that we don't deserve to have more. And sometimes we don't even appreciate what we do have! Both types of negative thinking conspire to force the law of attraction to work against us, manifesting scarcity.

Gratitude + the Law of Attraction = Plentitude

No matter what you have, be thankful for it! This is a basic principle underlying the law of attraction. Even if all you have is the shirt on your back, be grateful for it. Your gratefulness will allow the law of attraction to pave the way for getting even more of your needs and desires fulfilled.

Think of all the simple things we have to be thankful for, which we too often overlook: having plenty of clothing, having a roof over our heads, having enough food--the list goes on and on! If you practice gratitude every day with a long list of your basic needs that are fulfilled, you're setting the law of attraction in motion to guarantee that your needs and desires are always met. In addition to being grateful for your basic needs always being met, you can also give thanks for life's little victories: getting a great evaluation from your boss, your child earning all A?s and B?s, winning the radio station contest for concert tickets.

But have you ever noticed that some people complain about every little thing that goes wrong? And have you noticed that such people always have little things going wrong? That's because their complaining is setting up the law of attraction to work against them. If the furnace breaks and you're whopped with an unexpected $300 furnace repair bill, don't chronically complain. Complaining won't make it go away. Rather, use the law of attraction to focus on the positive: be grateful that you have $300 in your checking account to pay for the repair!

If you constantly focus on the negative instead of the positive on what you don't have instead of what you do have- the law of attraction and the universe will conspire to adjust your attitude by taking away some of your basic needs. All of a sudden an unexpected $400 auto repair bill will be added to that furnace repair bill!

The power of gratitude is simply using the law of attraction to focus on what you do have instead of what you don't have. This will help you reap more of what you need and want!

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