3 Tips to help Decrease Bleeding during Menstrual Cycle
3 Tips to help Decrease Bleeding during Menstrual Cycle

3 Tips to help Decrease Bleeding during Menstrual Cycle

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Every month, many women suffer with heavy bleeding from their monthly menstrual period. Sometimes the heavy bleeding can be because of fibroids. Although fibroids are quite common, many times, the doctors wont remove them. The consequence is that many women will suffer each month with excessive bleeding.

Heavy bleeding can be somewhat manageable when a woman doesnt have any children but adding children to the equation makes it even more difficult to deal with this each month. Every bit of energy is needed to take care of the kids and dealing with heavy bleeding is something every woman can do without.

Here are 3 tips that can help slow down heavy bleeding and also give women more energy when they need it most.

The first tip is to cut back on sugar. If sugar is cut out completely ... at least during the first few days of the period... This should slow down the menstrual period bleeding and not remove so much energy from the body.

The second tip is to exercise. Exercise seems to slow down excessive bleeding... plus, it will increase oxygen to the brain and provide the body with more energy. The problem with this is that when kids are involved, there is not much time to exercise... therefore, the third tip might be the most desirable.

Tip number three is to drink raw apple cider vinegar. This is a solution that is proven to work to slow down the bleeding associated with menstrual cycles. It is especially great when a woman has to be out in public and it is her 2nd or 3rd day of her period... when most women bleed the most... and she just doesnt want to be embarrassed by being in the bathroom the whole time.

Add one tablespoon of vinegar to about 16 to 20 ounces of water and drink it throughout the day. If the bleeding is extra heavy, drink two glasses of water with 1 tablespoon of raw (must be "raw". Braggs raw apple cider vinegar is awesome) apple cider vinegar a day.

Some people cant stomach the taste of the vinegar, so instead, put it in a glass of apple juice (preferably sugar-free) or grape juice and drink it that way... to hide the strong taste.

The amount of pads or tampons should increase a great deal after driking the vinegar for only one or two days... and it is not uncommon to go through only a pad or two after the 3rd day of the period. When vinegar is first used, dont be surprised if more clots are discharged as the body might experience some detoxification. This is normal. This is a good thing as it is cleaning things out... detoxifying the system.

An added bonus? Taking apple cider vinegar on a daily basis is proven to increase ones energy.

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