Lets start where we all start . . . . with breakfast! So many people tell me that they skip breakfast because theyre trying to lose weight. When I explain that it has the exact opposite effect, they just cant comprehend that. But its true. And for those of you who do not currently eat breakfast, heres some irrefutable statistics for you:

1) Those who eat breakfast away from home have a 137% increased in the risk of becoming obese.

2) Those who did not eat breakfast at all had a 450% increased risk of becoming obese,

3) Those who did not eat breakfast had a higher body mass index (BMI), and had less energy during the day.

4) Those who ate breakfast were less inclined to snack compulsively than those who skipped breakfast.

5) Those who skipped breakfast wound up eating 40% more calories during the day.

6) Those who ate a protein-based breakfast such as eggs, toast and jelly, felt fuller longer, and consumed fewer calories for at least 24 hours afterwards. Two groups were compared: one group, which ate a bagel, cream cheese, and yogurt, consumed a daily average of 2,035 calories. The egg-based group ate 1,761 calories.

An ideal breakfast should contain between 500-600 calories. And its not just what you eat, but when you eat it. Now, here are the very best breakfast menus weve come across . . .

Breakfast #1


1 medium apple

½ pint of soymilk

1 100% bran muffin

1 pack Squeeze Stix peanut butter


The Vita bran muffin contains 100% of the RDA of Vitamins A, B6, B12, C, D, and E. Foods high in monosaturated fats – like peanut butter – boost testosterone levels.


506 calories

20 grams of protein

87 grams of carbohydrates

12 grams total fat

15 grams of fiber

Breakfast #2


2 tablespoons almond butter

2 Omega-3 enriched whole-grain waffles

1 Tablespoon raisins

1 Drink Up~Slim Down Smoothie


Whole grain waffles help lower cholesterol and blood pressure, and improve the bodys

processing of insulin and glucose.


600 Calories

21 grams protein

86 grams carbohydrates

22 grams total fat

7 grams fiber

Breakfast #3


1 free-ranging, omega-3 enriched egg

¾ cup of thawed spinach

1 slice Canadian bacon

2 slices whole-wheat bread

1 tablespoon almond butter

1 cup unprocessed grape juice


Stir together the egg, spinach, and bacon. Pour onto a plate with non-stick spray,

Microwave for 1 minute. Toast the bread. Smear on the almond butter.


Monosaturated fat in the almond butter spread will help prevent spikes and drops in blood sugar. Grape juice provides you with a powerful antioxidant called resveratrol that helps lower LDL and improve blood flow to the heart.


540 calories

25 grams protein

73 grams carbohydrates

19 grams total fat

8 grams fiber

Breakfast #4


2 free-ranging, omega-3 enriched eggs

1 cup Cascadian Farms mixed vegetables

1 flour tortilla

½ cup low-fat shredded Cheddar cheese

¼ cup salsa


Mix the eggs and vegetables and spread on a plate coated with non-stick spray. Cook in the microwave for 1 minute, stir, cook again until eggs and veggies are warm. Pile onto the tortilla, top with cheddar cheese and salsa, fold and eat.


The more muscle, the higher the metabolic rate, the more fat you burn. But it takes lots of protein to build and maintain muscle. And this meal provides plenty of protein.


530 calories

36 grams protein

53 grams carbohydrates

18 grams total fat

6t grams fiber

Breakfast #5


2 slices whole-wheat bread

½ cup low-fat, organic cereal

1 cup soymilk

1 cup frozen blueberries

1 oz. slick of cheddar cheese


Dump the cereal, milk, and berries into a blender and liquefy. Stick a slice of Cheddar between two warm slices of toast and nuke sandwich in microware for 15 minutes.


The cheese and soymilk provide essential protein for building muscle mass. The whole grain in the bread and cereal will help lower cholesterol, and the minerals in the soymilk and cheese will keep blood-pressure levels down.


509 calories

26 grams protein

75 grams carbohydrates

14 grams total fat

12 grams fiber

Remember, obesity can be overcome with a smart diet: low in fat, eaten at the right time, combining the right foods. A healthy diet, full of fat burners can overcome even the most serious obesity. Were here to help you achieve your lifes goals. You will not fail on our program.

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