Offshore Oil Rig Jobs in the UK
Offshore Oil Rig Jobs in the UK

Offshore Oil Rig Jobs in the UK

Many people are drawn to work in the oil industry as the wages are high and there is a level of excitement and adventure when it comes to offshore oil rig jobs. There are a range of jobs available from entry level, to trades through to supervisors and manager. Because the rigs need to be self contained they also employ large number of support workers to provide necessities for the workers on board. So there is probably a job to suit anyone who is keen.

Entry level positions include labouring type jobs which are called roustabouts or leasehands. These positions can be labour intensive as they require you to perform physical tasks while assisting more more senior staff.

More skilled or experienced oil rig jobs positions that you could be trained in or promoted to include derrickhand, drillers assistant, driller, roughneck, toolpusher, and wellsite supervisor. Many of these are still labour intensive and you will need to be physically fit.

For people with trade experience or aptitude the industry needs to fill positions such as motor hands, rig electricians, rig mechanics, rig welders, riggers, scaffolders, plumbers, gas fitters, electrical fitters, boilermakers and engineers from all disciplines.

As all employees need to stay on the rig while on shift the company usually provides accommodation, meals, and housekeeping, often this can rival a 4 star hotel. Which means they need to employ chefs, kitchen hands, cleaners, housekeepers, doctors and nurses.

There rosters do vary from employer to employer but generally you work for 2 weeks and then have 2-3 weeks off. Which can mean you work for less than half the year! The company will usually transport you to and from the rig. This is via helicopter so you do need to be comfortable with flying - unless you want to swim back!

Life on board is different - for one thing you are stuck on rig in the middle of the ocean. When working oil rig jobs you will be spending both day and night shifts at close quarters with other people - so you have to be able to get along well with others. Oh and one word of advise - do not upset the radio operator (they call the helicopters), the medic (usually only one on board) or the chef (you cant pop out to the corner chip shop if you dont like the food)

There is some entertainment provided on the rig - can you imagine if there wasnt. This is usually satellite TV and communications. Its not the Ritz but it is comfortable. Considering youll only be there for a few weeks at a time and for most of that you will be working or sleeping, its actually really good.

The best thing is the amount of time you get off the rig. For the people with families it is hard to be away but they just focus on the fact that they can then devote themselves 24/7 for the other half of there year. The young guys love it - they often travel doing their off time, heading to what ever destination takes there fancy for two weeks. It really does give you so much flexibility.

There salaries are great too in the offshore oil industry. Often more than £80,000 per annum, when you consider that your food and board is covered its a really good deal.

If you want more information about jobs on offshore oil rig jobs and what to do get one I recommend visiting Oil Rig Jobs UK - they have some really valuable information about the industry and about getting a job in the industry.