Effective Ways to Cure Oral Thrush
Effective Ways to Cure Oral Thrush

Effective Ways to Cure Oral Thrush

Oral thrush is a fungal infection of the mouth, the condition where the mouth is invaded by candida albicans fungus. The organism normally lives in the mouth in controlled quantity. Imbalance in your system makes the fungus grow faster resulting to infection. The infection may spread on the tongue, inner cheeks and esophagus. It is important to cure oral thrush as early as possible to avoid serious illnesses.

Poor health, taking antibiotics, HIV infection, diabetes and low immune system are some of the reasons that makes an individual prone to oral thrush. The most common symptom of oral candidiasis or thrush is burning sensation in the mouth with the presence of white or yellowish patches. You will find it hard to swallow food and the burning sensation is very uncomfortable or painful.To cure oral thrush there are things that you can do and here are some tips: Medications. Your doctor or dentist may prescribe an antifungal mouthwash or medications to cure oral thrush.

Follow the doctors advice to feel better. If you have frequent thrush outbreaks, you may have to stick with regular medication that works for you. Oral hygiene. Keeping your mouth, teeth, tongue and gums clean is important to cure oral thrush. Brushing your teeth two or three times a day, scrape your tongue and floss your teeth helps prevent accumulation of bacteria that may aggravate your mouth infection.

Improve your resistance to infection. People who have low resistance to infection have a higher possibility to catch oral candidiasis. Improving your immune system will restore your resistance to infection and will maintain the fungus in its normal behavior avoiding infection. Eat a well balanced diet, regular exercise and get enough sleep to boost your immune system. Keep good bacteria in balance.

Good bacteria that can help you cure oral thrush are lactobacilli. It prevents the candida from growing and helps eliminate the infection in your mouth. Plain yogurt is a good source of lactobacilli. If you have recurring thrush outbreaks it is important to cure oral thrush permanently.

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