External Yeast Infection
External Yeast Infection

External Yeast Infection

External yeast infection happens on the outside of the body and it is sometimes easier to treat because you can see and reach it. Many such infection happen at the opening of the vagina in women and on the skin of the penis for men. All outside skin infections by yeast are external and they can be very persistent. Yeast is a fungus found in the body of many living things and, it can be responsible for infections when it multiplies which is also commonly known as an overgrowth. Candida albicans is the name given to yeast scientifically and it is also called monilia. Candidiasis is the condition yeast causes and it is not considered to be life threatening.

External yeast infection is caused by many factors and, they are responsible for the overgrowth. The first one in men, women and children is the use of antibiotics. The drugs wipe out helpful bacteria in the body. Helpful or friendly bacteria is referred to as a probiotic. Their work is to kill the excess population of yeast in the body. Many people who have used harsh skin products might find themselves in this predicament where they eliminate the good bacteria leaving the skin without immunity. You are advised to use friendly products that are not harsh to the body.

Wearing tight cloths will usually not leave room for your skin to breath and therefore, you might suffer external yeast infection. Make sure you do not stay with very tight cloths for a long time. Also, make sure you wear cloths that are dry and not irritating to the skin. Yeast will love moist and warn surfaces and it is upon you not to entertain yeast. There are other things you can do to avoid infection and one most important thing is to observe proper hygiene. Wash your body paying close attention to the skin folds and make sure you dry yourself thoroughly. Moisture is enough for yeast to pitch camp on you.

External yeast infection is going to present with many symptoms and some include the following. As is always the case, you will experience a lot of itching on the affected part of the skin. The itching does not seem to go away and you might find yourself very sore due to scratching. Instead of scratching and irritating your skin, you can use ice and place it on the affected part of the body which will relieve the itching. Another symptom that you will have is the presence of white patches. Other people might have greenish or yellowish patches which might sometimes ooze. You will experience some pain and if you have an infection near the thigh between your legs, walking will a problem.

External yeast infections come with many cures and treatments which are very effective. You need to keep the affected area dry and you can use anti fungal powder to keep yourself comfortable. Anti fungal creams will help cure the infection. If you prefer natural remedies, use tea tree oil, yogurt, garlic and others. Applying the remedies on the area will make a huge difference.

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