Bacterial Infection causes and treatments
Bacterial Infection causes and treatments

Bacterial Infection causes and treatments

If you think that all type of bacteria are dangerous, then you are wrong. Your body contains a number of bacteria in skin, mouth, intestines and other areas. A major percentage of bacteria are harmless and they actually aid normal functioning. Reproduction of certain type of bacteria may lead to injection of acids or toxins inside the body. This causes infections. When bacterial infections are found in the body, your body activates its repair system to fight against the infection.

The symptoms that you see for bacterial infections are actually responses of your body against the infection. You have to take treatment to accelerate your bodys defense system and reduce infection. Many bacterial infections are unnoticeable that you barely experience symptoms. Only when your body fights hard against the infection, you can see the symptoms. Most of the symptoms make you feel lethargic and drowsy. Certain infections on skin are evident from boils and pus nodules. Infection in throat and nose indicate problems due to bacteria in the respiratory tract.

Similarly, infections in digestive tract can be identified with digestion problems. Once you experience these symptoms, you have to consult a doctor to prevent the infection from spreading.Bacterial infections are caused by pollution and contamination. Skin infections can be experienced frequently when you travel under the sun in polluted areas. Damp and moist areas are favorable for reproduction of bacteria.

As bacteria reproduce by cell division mechanism, they increase their numbers exponentially. When you come into contact with contaminations, harmful bacteria enter into your body through various ways and cause infection. Depending on the type of bacteria in the atmosphere and your immune power, you will catch the infections. People who have a poor immune system easily catch bacterial infections. Bacterial infections in digestive tract are caused by contaminated food and water.

Even if you dont eat contaminated food, you are likely to catch infection if you use contaminated hands. Never forget to wash your hands before and after meals. Infections in urinary tract and vagina are caused by poor personal hygiene. You should always wash your hands and private parts before and after using public toilets. You must be aware of personal hygiene and care to prevent infections in private parts. Certain diseases caused by bacterial infection such as meningitis and sepsis require continuous medical monitoring because infection is severe. Bacterial infections are generally treated with antibiotics.

Bacteria are also living organisms and they have their own process for absorbing nutrition, multiplying and so on. Antibiotics hinder bacterial reproduction process by preventing the bacteria from doing its regular task. Some antibiotics kill bacteria and reduce its number. This way, your natural immune system will become strong to combat the infection. Depending on the type of infection, different antibiotics are prescribed. Sometimes, your body may not accept certain type of antibiotics.

You should always take antibiotics with proper prescription. Your symptoms may reduce even before completing the course of antibiotics prescribed for you. But, you should complete the entire course so that the infection is stopped completely. Otherwise, stronger bacteria will still survive causing intense infection.Get a complete overview of

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