Dissolve Gallstones Naturally - 5 Most Effective Ways

Dissolve Gallstones Naturally - 5 Most Effective Ways

One of the reasons why surgery is being assailed as a treatment option for gallbladder disorder is because it deals with the removal not only of the stones but the gallbladder itself.

In fact, doctors who often recommend this treatment are criticized for not considering the possible outcomes of gallbladder removal. If you are a person suffering from gallbladder disorder it would be best if you are aware that there are methods available to dissolve gallstones naturally.

Studies have been made in order to provide a clearer medical solution on how gallstones should be treated. In fact, these studies were able to arrive at natural solutions used by medical communities in other countries. It is said that it is only in the Western part of the world that gallbladders are being removed as the answer to gallstones removal.

As if the gallbladder was a part of the human anatomy that was placed there with no particular purpose at all. Probably if gallstones sufferers knew the role of the gallbladders in the digestive system, they will readily elect treatment methods that dissolve gallstones naturally.

The Importance of Gallbladder in the Digestive System

So before succumbing to a doctors recommendation of removing your gallbladder, you should know that this will not end your digestive problems at all. A gallbladder provides a receptacle for the bile juices that the liver continuously produces. Once the small intestines become filled with food, it will be a signal for the gallbladder to pour in the bile juices into the small intestines as an aid to food digestion.

If the gallbladder is removed, the liver will simply deposit its continuous production of bile into the small intestines even, if there is no food to digest. The individual will now experience the effect of bile acids lingering in his intestines without any food to dissolve.

Colic or gas pains will now take place and in some cases, even diarrhea. In time, this regular recurrence will irritate the lining of the intestines and thus lead to cancer.

So if youre suffering from gallstones and your doctor will discourage you from choosing non-surgical methods, it would be best if you solicited other medical opinions. There is really nothing wrong if you will choose treatments that dissolve gallstones naturally.

As additional information, here are five most effective remedies that can dissolve gallstone naturally:

1. Include magnesium rich foods as part of your daily intake. In fact, some people claim that a good dose of magnesium can have instant effect if you are currently suffering from gallbladder pains. It helps dissolve some of the stones, thereby easing out slight pressure in the gallbladder swelling. Studies show that 400 mg of magnesium daily can help prevent further gallstone formation.

2. Avoid food with saturated fats to lessen the production of cholesterol. The constant increase of cholesterol will of course cause more bile juices to harden and form into stones.

3. Eat more fruits and vegetables to flush out more of the bad cholesterol. This again aids to prevent increasing the cholesterol level in the gallbladder that causes the bile juices to harden.

4. Be a coffee drinker if you are not. Coffee and other bitter substances are said to have the ability to dissolve gallstones and thus promote bile flow.

5. Take Vitamin C supplements aside from eating foods rich in Vitamin C. The properties of this vitamin are said to be capable of converting cholesterol into bile.

You can always consult other doctors and get their opinions about gallbladder removal and the possibility of opting for treatments that dissolve gallstones naturally.

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