3 Top Tips To Get Your Ex Crawling Back To You
3 Top Tips To Get Your Ex Crawling Back To You

3 Top Tips To Get Your Ex Crawling Back To You

So youve been losing sleep and not eating lately? A break-up tends to do that to your system. Luckily you have found 3 fantastic tips to stop all this pain. Best of all, it will get you inches to getting your ex back.

Here they are...

** Forget about your ex for now

**To save you from yourself, this is probably one of the most important things to do right now.

Constantly thinking about your ex and wondering where they are and what they are doing is not helping the situation at all.Rather take your mind off of your ex for the time being by taking up an old hobby, going out with friends, starting some exercise program or anything else you can think of to avoid your life coming to a standstill.

** Lack of contact, abundance of healing

**Over the years it has become a proven fact that contact after a break-up should be avoided like the plague.

Shortly after your ex packed their things you are still highly emotional and even worse, needy.Neediness is the number one attraction killer in existence. By constantly calling your ex to try and get them to come back, you are unfortunately only driving them further away - sometimes to the point where nothing can be saved anymore.

By trying to contact them the whole time, you are giving them attention they definitely do not deserve right now. They just broke your heart and here you are trying to save the situation?Stop. The time will come when you phone your ex again for the first time, but until then be sure to avoid contact

** Pretend that the split was the best thing to ever happen to you!

**This little trick seems to work almost every single time.

Right after a break-up your ex almost expects you to come crawling back, begging, crying and pleading to take you back.Now lets flip the script and make your exs day!

What you are going to do is pretend as if the break-up was the most fantastic idea. Say that you have been thinking about it as well and that you are relieved that your ex said something.This will throw your ex off completely.

Now dont be surprised if they call you soon, "just to hear how you are doing" while in reality they are trying to figure out why you are so cool with the break-up.

At this point you start playing hard-to-get. Its ironic really, because now you will start to gain control over the situation and your ex will become needy for your attention!------You know what? I just realized how essential time is when you try to get your ex back.

You need to learn what to do right now, you need a step-by-step system which takes you by the hand and helps you get your ex back in less than one month. For the rest of the tips and all you need to know, click here to get your ex back now ->

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