Give a beautiful Italian leather handbag for Christmas this year!
Give a beautiful Italian leather handbag for Christmas this year!

Give a beautiful Italian leather handbag for Christmas this year!

We all know that we many have choices when it comes to what gifts we buy for our loved ones when it comes to fashion accessories and specifically handbags. My wife of nearly 5 years is extremely picky about what she uses to accessorize her outfits everyday and I believe that she is one of those women who will eventually end up with a hundred pairs of shoes and several dozen handbags in her closet, with something to wear and use for just about every occasion.

I decided that this Christmas I would get my wife another one of her favorite handbags brands using the following basic criteria for selecting the perfect bag for her:

• It must be unique looking even if it is not unique. No run of the mill bags here please.

• The handbag must be quite small. She does not like carrying to much in her handbag so having a small bag solves this issue.

• Leather! Whatever handbag I buy must be made beautiful soft leather.

• The handbag must be chique, up market and stylish.

• The final product must be genuine, no knock offs are acceptable.

It can be really tough to achieve all of this, but since the product of choice was a Falor Leather handbag from the Falorni Company in Italy I did not have to much work to do.

This year while taking in a fashion show in Milan I found an exhibit with the most amazing European, Italian in fact, brand of handmade leather goods that I have ever seen. Made by the artisans of the Falorni Company, each is handmade ensuring that the final products are unique and of extremely high quality. While at their exhibit I had the chance to sit and talk to one of the Falorni sales executives for a while, and while sipping cappuccino she showed me leather handbags, purses and wallets that rivaled Gucci, Versace and Ferdi in quality and style and exceed them in panache. It turns out that the Falor brand of handbags is well known in the Far East with a huge percentage of their production going to the Japanese and Korean markets. In truth I had never heard of the brand before going to the fashion show and after the show I spent many hours visiting dozens of beautiful handbag shops and boutiques all over the country but I have still not found any Falor products on sale anywhere in the USA which makes me quite sad.

So where did I buy my wifes handbag/Christmas present? You might be surprised, but recently while browsing online I a found a portal that regularly has new and used Falor handbags available for purchase. Strangely enough the parent site,, is a

genealogy web site

but there is a page on the site that has access to a variety leather handbags including the lovely

Falor handbags

. Check this brand of handbag out, you will not be disappointed!

Happy holidays.

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