Few Facts on Samuel Blankson Books

Few Facts on Samuel Blankson Books

Samuel Blankson has been born and raised in Ghana, an underdeveloped country in West Africa. He proved himself to be an extremely good entrepreneur. He showed the first signs of being special at a very early age when he started reading, actually devouring the books. He was extremely interested in acquiring new knowledge that he could find only in books. The turning point in his life was the moment he stepped inside a library, discovering the miraculous world of books. Since that moment, Samuel Blankson has spent his life finding his peace inside books. His religion is also helping him finding his balance. His believes have guided him to find his way in life and he has shared this experience with others through his Samuel Blankson books. Samuel Blankson books represent a source of inspiration for everyone as his style is unique and captivating.

Samuel Blankson has written more than twenty books (How to Destroy Your Debts, Living the Ultimate Truth, Taking Action, Developing Personal Integrity, The Practical Guide to Total Financial Freedom volumes 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and Attitude). Surprisingly but he has also composed over 100 songs. Sixty of these songs may be found in Sixty Original Song Lyrics. But despite his great activity he hasnt stopped working. He is very active still, finding more and different ways to express himself. He is a strong supporter on self-empowerment. Samuel Blankson books are advocating that any person may achieve the ability of having total control over his/her life by being free from economic, spiritual, social, mental and financial limits. Samuel Blankson books are permanently supporting the idea that any individual can achieve more by pushing his/her personal boundaries over the limits as these limits are always self-imposed.

Samuel Blankson started its writing career out of a whim. A friend asked him to provide some financial suggestions. Samuel Blankson treated this request very seriously, he considered the situation in depth and eventually he wrote his friend an elaborate email on how to deal with debts and personal finances. Then another friend asked for financial advice. Samuel thought things through and realised that his advice could be a very good subject for a book. So his first book was born: when "How To Destroy Your Debts". After this start, Samuel Blankson books kept being published and he just couldnt stop writing.

Samuel Blankson books have been written under the influence of the authors father. His wife was also a good adviser for Blankson as she believed in her husbands writings and supported him along the way.

Samuel Blankson books are extremely popular as his advices are simple and easy to be understood. In his first book, for instance, Samuel is advising the reader to stop using the credit cards, to replace them with debit cards as debit cards use the money you actually own.

The aim of every Samuel Blankson book is to make the reader feel inspired and motivated to improve his life.

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