Does He Really Love Me Quiz
Does He Really Love Me Quiz

Does He Really Love Me Quiz

Youre starting to have doubts about your boyfriend or husband. Maybe youve noticed him becoming more and more distant. Or maybe the relationship has already ended. The pain of losing someone you love is unbearable at times. How many more sleepless nights can you take? If youre at that point where youre looking for a Does he really love me quiz then what you really need is some solid advice... and perhaps a proven strategy for winning him back. Here are some signs that you may be losing him... and powerful tips for winning him back.

Warning SignsArguments. Are your fights usually about really trivial things? If he is always picking on you for the slightest thing, this is usually a sign that he is resentful about much deeper issues.

Kissing. Kissing doesnt have to be like it was at the beginning of the relationship. But little to no kissing is a sign of emotional detachment. Not good.

Going out. Is he finding excuses to be away from you more and more? Too many late nights out with the boys may be a sign that he is restless and bored... and wants his freedom

Special times. Are you two rarely spending any quality time with each other? If he is not making any effort to make spending quality time with you a priority, this may be a sign that he is losing interest and taking you for granted.

What can you do?If any of the above behaviors are consistent then this may be a turning point for the two of you. You must understand exactly what to do and say... and avoid the common mistakes almost everyone makes when trying to save a relationshipFirst, honestly ask yourself if this relationship is really worth saving. If you answered yes, then it will probably be up to you to initiate some changes.

What you need to do is get him interested in the relationship again. You want to reach that point where he is involved in the relationship enough so you two can really communicate about the deeper problems that need healing.But how do you do that if hes already so uninterested?To get him interested again, the first thing you must do is stop all behavior that comes across as needy or desperate. Dont pressure him to open up or argue about the relationship.

This only pushes him farther away. Its human nature to pull away when pushed. Right now is not the time to put pressure on him.Instead, do the opposite. Start doing things that are just for you... examples could be spending time with your friends and family, starting a new hobby, going to the gym, etc. Just make sure its nothing that is destructive to the relationship.Develop an attitude of detachment. This doesnt mean you become cold or uncaring.

Youre simply showing that you are a strong and independent woman... and that you can be ok without him.By giving him plenty of space and not pressuring him, you show that you are no longer "chasing" him. This allows him to start coming back to you on his own.Follow this strategy correctly and you have a strong chance of saving your relationship. Theres no need for a Does he really love me quiz.

The idea is to work with a mans nature... not against it.Now instead of seeing you as someone who is constantly pressuring and nagging him, you are now an independent and strong woman who is no longer throwing themselves at him. Maybe youve even become a bit unobtainable yourself. Most guys find this very attractive. Now you two are equals and you can start communicating about the real issues in your relationship that need attention.

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Does He Really Love Me Quiz