Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me?
Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me?

Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me?

If you and your boyfriend were in love at one time, the odds are strong that he still has feelings for you. But you have to understand that a lot of guys are not going to show their true emotions. What your boyfriend says doesnt always reveal how he really feels. How can you know if he still loves you? And is there a way to "recapture" any love loss? There are no hopeless situations... if youre wondering does my boyfriend still love me, here are certain clues to look for.Its normal for a relationship to change over time. Just because your boyfriend isnt acting like he did in the "honeymoon phase" doesnt mean hes fallen out of love with you.

But there are certain "trouble signs" that may indicate hes drifting away.Trouble Signs

Kissing. Does he rarely kiss you anymore? Theres no reason to expect kissing to be like it was in the beginning, but very little or zero kissing usually means he is becoming detached emotionally.

Going out. Is your boyfriend spending more and more late nights out with the boys? If your boyfriend is constantly finding excuses to be away from you, this may be a sign that he is wanting his freedom again.

Arguments. Is he constantly nit-picking at you and starting fights about the most trivial things? This is usually a sign that he is resentful about deeper issues.

Special times. Does your boyfriend rarely want to spend special one-on-one time with you anymore? This may be a sign that he is losing interest and is taking you for granted.Bottom Line:If your boyfriend is showing 2 or more of the above behaviors, this is a sign that your relationship is in trouble. But what can you do?First, ask yourself if this relationship is worth saving. If you answered yes, then you need to take steps to bring life back into this relationship.

Yes, youll probably have to initiate things, especially if hes already lost a lot of interest.You want to get your boyfriend interested in the relationship again so you two can really communicate about the deeper issues that need healing.If you want to get him interested again, you must stop any behavior that is needy or pushy. Dont argue about the relationship or keep pressing him to open up. This will only push him farther away. Timing is crucial... now is not the time to pressure him.Instead, start doing things that are just for you... examples could be spending time with your friends and family, starting a new hobby, going to the gym, etc. Just make sure its nothing that is destructive to the relationship.Play it cool, do positive things for yourself and give him his space.

The idea here is that you are no longer "chasing" him. Youre doing your own thing and this should spark his interest again. Do this correctly and he will no longer see you as someone who is nagging and pressuring him... instead youve become independent and a bit of a mystery. Guys are attracted to this. Remember, its human nature to pull away if someone is pushing you. Do the opposite... and watch him come to you.

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Does My Boyfriend Still Love Me?