After breaking up most people are having a hard time to forget about their ex, this is because in their mind they still processing thoughts about the ex relationship.

Just like a hot pot, it takes time to cool down so is their mind. This thought process may continue as long as they allow it.

But the beauty of the mind is that it is not bias to any command. It accepts anything we tell it to do. We can use this to our advantage by telling it to stop thinking about our ex.

Here is an example on how to do this...
Imagine your mind to be like "tap water" and your thought process like the speed of water flow. You can control any amount of water flowing by adjusting the water faucet, whether you want to have a full blast or small drops, it is up to you.

Just like the water flow, you have a full control of yourself. No body and I mean "NO BODY" will ever control your mind except you.

If someone tells you to do something, you have a full control doing it or not.

Now can you allow yourself to imagine that tap water flowing at high speed, be your Ex Memories, those bad memories, painful experiences and abusive relationship. Now...

See water flowing... the higher the speed, the more pain you may have. As you can see now that, the more turbulent the water is, the more thoughts your mind process. For example you might feel lonely, depressed or frustrated.

Now you can control the flow of water by adjusting the faucet, you can adjust it until you see small drips. Everything will be calm and there will be no more turbulence.

As you remember the way you were tightening the faucet, your mind will be slowing its bad thought processing. By the time there was no water flow, the thought process in the mind about your ex will be gone.

Try to do this exercise every day by imagining the flow of water be your past drama. The more you reduce the water flow the more you reduce"your ex" memories in your mind.
If you do this several times a day you might forget your ex in 24hrs.

Timeo Busyanya,
Helping individuals, improve self image
"Forget Your Ex in 24hrs" .