Forget Your Ex By Doing One Exercise
Forget Your Ex By Doing One Exercise

Forget Your Ex By Doing One Exercise

As your eyes move from left to right reading every word of this article, start to realize that forgetting your ex is not an easy process. Are you still remembering your ex? May be thats why you picked up this article.

But I want you to STOP and start to realize how wonderful it will be to forget your ex. Picture some other time in the future where you will feel happy with new life may be you will have a new relationship. Looking back, remembering the time you were having problems with your ex, you will not believe how easy it was to " get over ex.

Now here comes some goodies, an exercise that will blow your mind, it is something you have never heard before that will take you to the wonderful future. This exercise is design for you to clear your ex memories that are hurting you right now by putting a new code (a pattern in the brain). After doing this exercise you are going to feel better and more energetic.

You know, bad ex memories drain your mind to work properly. You cant think nor do act right and you cant even get a new love because of no existing creature in your mind that keeps blocking you from doing important things in your life.

Lets do the exercise now, oh I just remember something here. What we are going to do is to break the code. What I mean is this, we are going to change what we have been programmed to remember about our ex. So by breaking this code we will forget our ex. I know you are eagerly waiting to do this exercise now lets start.

I want you to imagine being in a movie theater watching a picture of your ex, this is a still picture (no movement) see him or her from head to toe, see every thing about him or her. Now as you see the picture, I want you to put a small picture (small as a dot) in front of your ex. Then make your picture bigger and brighter until it covers your ex picture. After youve done the first time does it again but much faster. Do as many times as possible at every time make your picture brighter and do it faster.

By doing this exercise you will reduce the importance of your ex memory in your mind. It may seem like a stupid exercise but it is powerful in the subconscious level. The memory in your brain about him or her will be different. So next time when you start to remember your ex your mind will read a different experience which will not be as painful as it is now. For most people the ex lover will be insignificant.
After practicing this exercise your vision about the world will change and you will become a better person.

Timeo Busyanya,