Probiotics for Cats and Dogs
Probiotics for Cats and Dogs

Probiotics for Cats and Dogs

Bacterially speaking, its a mean cruel world. More cats and dogs are on medication then ever before. Why? The short answer is domestication.

Breeding wild dogs and cats to accept living with humans is not the problem, domesticating their diet is! To find out what is wrong with the domestic diet let us look to their wild relatives.

Wild Relatives Diet

The wild relatives this article refers to are not todays feral cats and dogs, whose health has been compromised by the effects of industrial pollution, which has taken its toll on the game they hunt, the grasses they eat, and the water they drink. Many feral animals have little choice except to eat garbage, and drink from stagnant water, which are likely loaded with toxic levels of bacteria and pathogens.

Pre-domesticated cats and dogs spent the majority of their time hunting for food. Their meals consisted of "fresh kill". They breathed uncontaminated air; they drank chemical- free water, and got plenty of exercise.

Wild cats and dogs instinctively know that digestive aids are essential in order to properly break down and digest their food. When they kill an herbivore (grass eaters), they first eat their stomachs and entrails which contain the digestive enzymes, greens, and soil based bacteria (SBOs) needed for proper digestion.

If the kill is not an herbivore, instinctively, they tear at grasses to get at the soil- based organisms around the roots that they need for proper digestion. If you allow your pets to do this today, you could be making matters worse!

According to The Royal Society of Medicine Great Britain, "Fully 90% of all chronic disease is cause by an unhealthy (gastro) intestinal system!"

The early warning signs that the balance in the GI tract has been compromised include; loss of appetite, foul smelling gas, bad breath, body odor, loose stools, diarrhea, IBS, Crohns Disease, and constipation!

Left unresolved, the intestinal wall soon becomes inflamed. Inflammation leads to a variety of Immune Diseases.

The New Age of Veterinary Care- Holistic!

Conventionally trained veterinarians seem programmed to prescribe prescription medications like antibiotics for GI disorders (and tell you to withhold food and water for 24-48 hours), and prednisone for inflammation. This is a case where the treatment plan needs a cure! Holistic vets focus on reestablishing the animals natural immune defense systems. They administer medication sparingly, and as a last resort!

So what should your companion be given if not prescription antibiotics and anti-inflammatories?

Probiotics? Well, Not exactly!

Almost without fail, if people have any awareness about probiotics, they think yogurt. The yogurt industry has done a great job of marketing; however, commercial grade yogurt is cultured from pasteurized milk or soy. By the time you consume them, very few probiotic strains are viable. Fewer still are capable of surviving human stomach acids, let alone that of cats and dogs.

Today, many pets are allergic to commercial milk products. So if not yogurt, what then?

SBOs: The 21st Century Probiotic Supplement

Do you recall that your pets wild relatives eat organic grasses, and soils teeming with microflora and soil based organisms (SBOs) to compliment their diets?

Veterinarians are beginning to administer SBOs instead of antibiotics. Why? SBOs are scientifically proven to resolve routine GI disorders, quickly, naturally- without withholding food or water! Importantly, they have no side effects, and may be administered in multiple doses.

Incorporating SBOs into your pets daily diet has long reaching benefits.

Today, SBOs are grown under laboratory-controlled conditions. SBOs are available without prescription.

Keys to Restoring or Maintaining Optimum Health

Commercial pet food is the complete opposite your dog or cats natural diet. Regardless of what the labels say, they are sorely lacking in the nutrition your pet needs. Think of them as "fast food" which is merely empty calories for your pets.

Illness is mostly due to exposure over time, with each generation becoming regressively weaker. Generations of exposure to commercial pet food, chlorinated drinking water, and a lack of digestive supplements have severely compromised pet genetics. Many today are born unhealthy and predisposed to a lifetime of chronic illnesses and diseases.

It is not uncommon for pets to be on multiple meds at any given time. And, for the first time, we are transferring diseases to one another!

Heres a little known secret, no matter how much money you spend to improve your cat or dogs food, supplements, water and air, unless you are also replenishing their daily requirements for intestinal microflora (SBOs), your efforts are largely in vain!