Did You Ever Thought about Putting a Fish in Your Turtle Tank?
Did You Ever Thought about Putting a Fish in Your Turtle Tank?

Did You Ever Thought about Putting a Fish in Your Turtle Tank?

Lot of people thinks about putting a fish together with their turtles in the same water tank. The problem is if you put the turtle in a fish tank or if you put a fish in a turtle tank. If you put a turtle in the fish tank some turtle care problems might appear:- First of all a fish tank usually doesnt have a land are which is vital for the turtle.- Fishes are tiny little pets that usually dont need a very high water level.

But the turtles are bigger and have to swim easily. So the water level in a fish tank could be to low for a turtle.- In the fish tank the filtration is usually inappropriate for a turtle so the water could get dirty very fast.- If you put a turtle in a fish tank eventually he turtle will eat the fish.- Its good for fishes to provide them with plenty of plants so they can swim around the or hide. But the turtles will surely eat all the plants in the tank.The best way to keep fishes and turtles together is introducing the fishes in an environment specially setup for the turtle. By using this method you wont have any turtle care problems. So make a correct turtle tank setup and then and the fish.

The turtles will eat the fish, but if you add at least 20 fishes they will probably survive for an year.There are some advantages for having some fishes in the turtle tank:- Youll never have to feed the fish. The usually eat left-over food so it wont be expensive to keep them.- You can consider the fish in your turtle tank as some kind of water quality monitor.

You can think that, if the fishes are healthy than the water in the turtle tank is quite acceptable.- The fish in the turtle tank can become a good emergency food for your turtles.- Most captive water turtles dont swim enough and dont get enough exercise. But with the fish in the tank they wont get bored anymore.So its not such a bad idea to keep a fish together with a turtle in a turtle water tank.For great advice about keeping a pet turtle visit us at the best

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