General Knowledge for Kids
General Knowledge for Kids

General Knowledge for Kids

Children are blessed with the innate power to absorb and retain knowledge. The stimulation age is from conception to the age of 5. Later forms the development and reinforcement. One may be extremely talented or street smart but a little knowledge about world happenings and general knowledge is necessary.

It is interesting to note that the human skeleton has 206 bones distributed mainly in the hands and feet. Basalt and Rhyolite are results of cooling down of lava from volcanoes.

Computerised ignition is used in the engines these days. Keyboards mostly are of two types, the piano and the organ. Golf was first played in Scotland. Horse riding existed in Olympic Games from 642 BC.

A few off the cuff Q and As

Name the two types of cloning?

Somatic cell Nuclear Transfer

Artificial Twinning

How much blood flows in the human body ?

An average body has 5 and half litres of blood.

Who invented the electric guitar?

Electric guitar was invented by Adolph Rickenbacker.

How many types of fishes are there?

There are more than 2500 species in fishes.

What family does dinosaurs belong to?

Dinosaurs are vertebraes belonging to the reptile family.

What does Machiavellian mean?

Nicollo Machiavelli was an Italian diplomat and known for his conniving tactics. This further developed into a term Machiavellian standing for ulterior motives in the game of politics.

General Knowledge questions

are basic issues. Loaded with facts, derived from books or leading libraries. A simple fact like Joseph Priestly discovered oxygen can form the basis for your research quests. Scientists all over the world are searching and researching for answers stemming from basic queries. Mere mugging up facts and rivers and tallest mountain will not work. A regular habit of reading will naturally help you retain material.

As you come across something very interesting use a book mark and research findings on the same. Listening skills also sharpen your aptitude. All are not great talkers or born with first hand knowledge on automobiles or device systems. Wherever we have a short coming we need to master the subject. In career or even at home, knowledge giving persons are always looked upon. This adds to your merit and confidence too. It is essential to hone ones own aptitude by increasing our general knowledge. If one did know that tomato has lycopene and cancer fighting properties, salads would naturally precede meals. Similary general knowledge can also form one of the very effective and significant part of

toddler activities

for your kids.