Dog Quilt Patterns Come in Many Breeds...Varieties!
Dog Quilt Patterns Come in Many Breeds...Varieties!

Dog Quilt Patterns Come in Many Breeds...Varieties!

Theres no denying that puppies and dogs can be a lot of fun, even when you are sewing them into a dog quilt pattern!

If the recipient of your quilt loves Scottie dogs, you will find various Scottie dog quilt patterns available for free online. Some are appliqué quilt projects and others are foundation quilting projects. Theres also a very good Scottie dog block quilt pattern design for those who prefer traditional block piecing.

If you enjoy appliqué quilting, you can find just about any breed youd like to create your dog quilt pattern. Whether your quilt will feature a poodle or a boxer, there are many dog quilt patterns online, free for the using. If you have a specific breed in mind, use your favorite search engine to look for the dog quilt pattern you need.

If you want to feature cute dogs in general, youll find plenty of dog quilt patterns to fit your need. One is called a "Floppy Eared Dog" and is sometimes referred to as the "Happy Dog" quilt pattern. The cut puppy would make an adorable quilt for young and old alike, either as a quilted throw or a full size quilt!

There is also a Sundrop Puppy dog quilt pattern available for free online. This dog quilt pattern was created to honor the special dogs who worked in rescue efforts after the September 11 bombing of Americas World Trade Center. The Sundrop Puppy dog quilt pattern is offered free online and is to be used for childrens charitable causes. Enlarge the puppy to make a coordinating pillow or cherished stuffed animal.

If the recipient of your quilt likes cats and dogs, the two animals harmoniously come to live in the puppy and cats quilt pattern. This quilt features blocks of cats with small fish cutouts combined with a puppy and his favorite treat, a bone. This cat and dog quilt pattern is sure to delight those who love pets!

To create a truly personalized dog quilt pattern, use photos of the featured dog on the quilt blocks. The photo transfer can be done at home by using photo transfer paper from your favorite hobby or craft store. Be sure to buy the transfer paper that is appropriate for the fabric color you plan to use. The transfer paper you would use for white (and light colored) fabrics differs from the paper you would use to transfer to darker fabrics.

If youre using white or light colored fabric, you could use a digitial direct to garment process to print your photos.

Since the equipment used for this process is generally expensive, most people dont have direct to garment printers in their homes. However, the process is becoming more popular and since the water-based ink doesnt lie on top of fabric like a regular heat transfer does. Photos printed with digital garment printing remain soft and long-lasting. The photo actually becomes part of the fabric because the inks penetrate the fibers! To find a digital garment printer in your area, check with local screen printers to see if they provide the process.

If you decide to try transferring your dog photos to your quilt with direct to garment printing, make sure your printed uses a digital process, not a sublimation process. Sublimation requires chemical pretreatment of the fabric and it will lose its natural look and feel.


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