Traditional Star Quilt Block Patterns for the Holidays

Traditional Star Quilt Block Patterns for the Holidays

Star quilts make great decorations and gifts for the Christmas season.If you want to make a special holiday quilt, you will discover that there are many quilt block patterns with stars from which to choose. Simply integrate your Christmas fabrics and colors into any traditional star pattern and you are certain to have a quilt that will delight your family or its recipient for many years.The Ohio Star is very popular among quilters. The Ohio Star is a nine patch quilt block pattern.

The center is a square. Patches to the top, bottom, left and right of that center square are pieced to form the stars points.Another quilt block pattern features the center square with two triangles on each corner stitched together to make the points. This traditional pattern is gorgeous in any number of fabrics and colors, but is especially pretty in Christmas fabrics since the star is such a big symbold of the Christmas season.The Lone Star quilt is another popular quilt design. The star looks as though it is made up of tiny diamond shape pieces of fabric. The diamonds alternate from the center to expand the large star out. Again, this very detailed quilt is remarkable in any fabric.

Holiday inspired colors and prints will make your Lone Star Quilt a treasured holiday heirloom.If you see a Lone Star quilt and think it looks like one youve seen before that had a different name, you are probably right. The Lone Star quilt is also recognized as Star of Bethlehem and Morning Star.Another popular pattern to try is the Eccentric Star. Be creative when you piece this one. You could use a fabric with a Santa, manger scene, angel or other theme for the center square of each star.

Or maybe you could tell a story though the series of center squares.For example the first stars center would be a child looking out the window waiting for Santa. The second star would be a stocking hanging on a wall. The third center could be Santa coming down the chimney. The fourth could be Santa distributing presents. Fifth could be Santa going up the chimney. The sixth could be the sleigh taking off. The seventh star could be a child waking up to find his toys. Stars eight could say "Merry" and star nine could say "Christmas."There are many options for the Eccentric Star block.

Let your imagination take lead!Your holiday quilt patterns do not have to be full size quilts. While they would certainly make festive holiday bedding, smaller versions would make great wall or door hangings to celebrate the holiday.Decorate your mantel with star runners or make a wall hanging to place over it.Dont limit your star quilt blocks to home décor. You can also decorate clothing with them.

Try stitching your favorite block to the front of a sweatshirt as a great gift for a quilting friend.They also make nice additions to the backs of jackets. Surprise your favorite mother and daughter with matching star quilt shirts or jackets.You might also use your star blocks to make holiday tote bags and purses. No matter which star pattern you choose or which item you decide to make, you know you will have a popular item when you piece star quilt blocks.------Penny Halgren

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