How to Tell If My Ex Still Has Feelings For Me? 7 Signs That Your Ex Has Still Not Moved on!

How to Tell If My Ex Still Has Feelings For Me? 7 Signs That Your Ex Has Still Not Moved on!

How many times have you wondered "does my ex still have feelings for me"? For all you know, maybe your ex still likes you. Perhaps they still love you! How do you know? Use these 7 signs to tell if your ex still has feelings for you....

7. Stays up late for you stillYou can call your ex at 3am, and they will answer and talk to you. This is a sign that your ex has still not moved on, and definitely means that he/she still likes you.

6. He/she still uses pet namesOnce in a while you hear them using pet names with you, like you used to when you were together. Perhaps your ex still does use them, but no matter what, if your ex is still using the pet names, this is an obvious sign that he/she is still not over you.

5. He/she tries to make you go out with themYour ex hits you up with really fun sounding ideas of places to go or things to do. They will mention how you "used to like" such and such, and then will suggest going to that place or doing that thing. Even if you dont like that thing anymore, take this as a sign that your ex is trying to win you back.

4. Your ex has been unable to have a successful relationship since youOk, maybe your ex has dated someone else. So? If you were jealous of this, then obviously you are not over them still, but consider if none of these relationships have been successful since you, that your ex is still not over you.If your ex really wanted those relationships to work out, he/she would have tried, but the fact that he/she didnt really, means that they are not over you and still want YOU.

3. They always contact you firstIf your ex is always the first one to contact you, take this as a sign that he/she is still not over you. Obviously it means your ex misses you and is excited to talk to you.

2. Your ex wants to forget the bad things in the pastHe/she often talks about moving forward, and if you bring up the bad things from the past, he/she will ask you to start again or move forward in life. This means that your ex is ready to try and make things work out with you again.

1. He/she has tried to change for youChange is not an easy thing to do, so if your ex has made real efforts to change, consider that they really do care about you and still have not gotten over you!

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