Coolest Army Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Coolest Army Kids Birthday Party Ideas

Having an army birthday party is a fabulous way to celebrate the special occasion. This is one of the coolest kids birthday party ideas for young boys who have outgrown the likes of cartoon characters and action figures. Yet they still want to have a fun theme for their birthday party.

All of your guests will certainly love it. There are plenty of party planning ideas you can incorporate for such a theme as well.


You can make name tags for all of the soldiers that have their last name on them with the word Private before it. This will help everyone get into the theme of the party in no time at all. In fact, you can even send dog tags to be worn at the party with the invitation or hand them out once the children arrive. Make sure you address your invitations to each Private as well.

Camouflage invitations, streamers, and even balloons can easily be found online and at party stores. There are also plenty of army kids birthday party ideas and items that you can get in a set or buy separately. Plates, cups, and napkins that are camouflage or that have a picture of an army helicopter on them will be perfect for your event.


You will have plenty of options when it comes to the cake you get as well. There are ones from magazines and online sites that you can make on your own with an Army theme. Most bakeries will offer a selection of them as well. Call or go to look at the picture book of cake themes that they offer.


Here are some very special kids birthday party ideas for keeping the boys busy:

All kids love obstacle courses, and you can easily set one up to go along with your boot camp theme. These can be adapted for indoors or out, and there are countless ways to configure something that is age appropriate for your squad. Use thin rope or twine to weave back and forth 12-18" above the ground (tether to chair or table legs, or to bushes, trees, or sturdy play toys) to add a belly crawl element. Older children would love a secure wall to scale, or you can lay out a pattern of hoops for them to dart through tire-style. Mark off an imaginary pit under a swing that they must navigate over, or, for the truly dedicated, scuff up a part of the lawn and soak it with water for a mud pit. (You might want to warn other parents ahead of time if theres a lot of potential for mess!) Older kids might want to get competitive, so include small prizes for individual events or relays.

Party Favor

The party favors that you offer for an army birthday party can be a wide range of things. For example you can have die cast jet planes, army stickers, American flags, and more. There are also party packs you can buy online that contain an assortment of army materials that kids will find to be a spectacular ending to such a fun filled party.

An army themed birthday party is a great idea for both boys and girls. With the number of women in the military these days this isnt a theme that should only apply to young men. The fact that so many birthday party celebrations these days are for both boys and girls, you will have a winning theme here that everyone in is happy to be a part of.

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