Unique Baby Shower Center Piece

Unique Baby Shower Center Piece

Here you will learn some unique baby shower center piece ideas. All of them are really stand out to fit the coolest baby shower themes.

Further more, these baby shower centerpiece ideas help you out from a stressful and time-consuming endeavor – as you know most of baby shower planning on a limited budget is a daunting task.

Be creative and have Extreme Fun!

Poohish "Hunny" Centerpiece

Making honey pots is so much fun for a Winnie the pooh baby shower. Paint small sized terra cotta pots in golden yellow and use a black paint pen writing your words like how pooh spells. Fill plain cellophane treat bags with graham cracker snacks, tie with raffia and place in pot.

Diaper Wreath

Beside the

cake shaped centerpiece made entirely of diapers

, diaper wreaths can also make great baby shower center piece. If you can combine a wreath with the newborn diapers and baby items into a delightful centerpiece, the expecting parents can use these items later or use the diaper wreath to decorate the door of the nursery room.

Baby Cloth "Flower Bouquet" Centerpiece

Cover a new baby tub with lace fabrics. Fill it with bath toys, shampoo, conditioner, body wash and wash cloths. You can get guest crazy by rolling up various colored wash cloth tightly and cinched them with a bow. The mom-to-be could use everything in this "flower bouquet" for the arrival of her little one.

Centerpiece that Can Ride On

Use a traditional wooden rocking horse as the shower centerpiece. Its a wonderful vehicle for a babys developing imagination, and also a unique centerpiece for a cowboy baby shower.

Centerpiece Idea for a family reunion party

You cant find more stand-out baby shower center piece ideas than a photograph family tree centerpiece for the arrival of the new family member!

Ask all the family members prepare photographs for themselves 2-3 weeks before the shower in a timely manner. Trim the photos you received into nearly wallet size or creatively cut the photos into any shapes you like, such as diaper, star or heart. Then punch holes on the top of the shaped photos.

Next, find an artificial palm plant with many fronds. If you can find one with a square planter base, it will work perfectly (keep in mind the number of photos that will be hanging from it before choosing the size).

Prepare very thin and colorful ribbons. String the ribbons through the holes on the top of the photos, and tie it around a palm frond or tree branch.

Finally, hang some small baby items like rattles, small stuffed animals, bottles along with shaped photos and finish the family tree baby shower center piece.



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