Have fun with homemade baby shower favors and more
Have fun with homemade baby shower favors and more

Have fun with homemade baby shower favors and more

Baby shower favors dont have to be only small boxes of candy or any sweet wrapped in baby theme color. There is something special you can create with more than just say "thank you".

Those cute little prizes for the game not have to be shown up after the hours of ooh-and-aah.

Unleash your imagination a little bit more, homemade baby shower party favors can also be used as prizes when your guests win the baby shower games.

Fill a baby bottle full of jellybeans, keeping track of how many you put into the bottle. Youll want to leave the bottle out during the baby shower so guests can look at it and write down their guesses.

Then at the end of the baby shower, collect all the guesses and present the bottle of jellybeans to the winner. You can also play this game with any other candy, and nothing makes cuter baby shower party favors than baby bottles filled with candies!

I always saw guests brought unique baby books as their baby shower gifts. So, what can be not only personalized thank you gifts but specialized for those books? Yes, a personalized book-picture bookmark!

You could enjoy a great fun in design these small mementoes using baby magazines, computer, scanner, printer and white card stock. When you finish it, type the bookmark on the name of guest along with any cute baby shower favor poem in blue or pink. Oh my, every guest is getting special feeling with her name and a baby picture from her specific book on the bookmark!

If the above ideas still cant touch your heart, here is something unusual.

Have an Ice Cream Sundae Basket, for a coed baby shower, with 2 bowls, sundae recipes, and a bottle of Hersheys chocolate or strawberry syrup, and add a club card to any ice cream shop like Cold Stone Creamery

Give a small prize or award to the person whose gift is the 7th gift opened – tradition says shell be the next mom-to-be.

If the mom-to-be is expecting to carry twins, then use a lot of "two" for your baby shower favors, such as 2 pair of baby socks or "Twix" candy bars.

Or even arrange an amateur photographer dressed as the "Stalking Paparazzi" near you. Take pictures as the guests come towards the shower place. Guests take home copies of their "paparazzi photo" as baby shower favors.

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