Unique Baby Gifts Ideas - Sonogram Ultrasound Baby Picture Frames

Unique Baby Gifts Ideas - Sonogram Ultrasound Baby Picture Frames

Are you just too bored of the normal around-the-block baby frames? Well, then its high time that you either get yourself ultrasound picture frames or sonogram picture frames. The joy of having a special one come along is impalpable, and to see your little one in an ultrasound picture is a joy beyond words. Get yourself an ultrasound picture frame and add the ultrasound to this frame to show it to your near and dear ones.

Imagine how your parents and parent-in laws would feel after having a glimpse of how the baby would look like.The beautifully crafted and aesthetically designed sonogram picture frames are a treat to the eyes. Keep them beside your bedside, on your office table or just hang them on the wall. A sonogram picture is the best way of reminding yourself about the joy you would be witnessing a few months down the line. It is also a good way to derive inspiration and feel the joy of being a parent.Sonogram and ultrasound picture frames are not meant only for the parents-to-be.

They serve as wonderful baby shower gifts, a gift for the grandparents, siblings and friends and family members who are in turn expecting a baby. They also serve as good baby shower favors, provided the person receiving it is indeed expecting a baby.The stand-up picture frames are perfect for the father-to-bes office desk, where he can share the joy with his colleagues and bosses without having to say too much about it. If the grand parents live far away, you can mail or courier a sonogram picture in a frame to give them a sneak preview of their grand-baby. Such acts of exchanging baby gift items, especially ultrasound picture frames and baby handprints helps in bringing the whole family closer, in general.

Framing a sonogram can be interesting, especially if you have time to add some personalized touches to it. You can write down possible baby names alongside the frame, suggest the babys cereal food flavors, write your names along-with it or just write down the date and the time the sonogram was taken. All these will serve as mementos and souvenirs when you take out the sonograms after a decade or so. Imagine the kind of emotions you will face looking at a sonogram bearing the name of your child and the date when it was taken.If you want to customize the ultrasound photo frames further, you can do so by adding your own tit-bits to it. If it is meant to be a gift for someone, you can add that persons name or what relation he or she holds with the baby.

Small quotations like "for the grandparents", "for my elder brother" or "for my uncle and aunt" can really add a sense of nostalgia to the first photographs of the baby-to-be. Such steps would not only add your personal stamp to the gift, rather, it would make it an experience to cherish for years to come. This author lives in Flemington, NJ with her husband and 5 month old daughter and is an expert contributing author for a luxury

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