5 Top Reasons Why Relationships Break Up
5 Top Reasons Why Relationships Break Up

5 Top Reasons Why Relationships Break Up

There are five top reasons as to why relationships break up and although there are a thousand and one reasons why you may have lost a loved one, the chances are that it will fall into one of these main categories.

1. Infidelity - A lot more than just love is needed to make a relationship work; trust, honesty and respect are all required to keep things ticking over nicely and without one of these things, the rest will just fail. Infidelity causes a lack of trust, respect and honesty and this in turn leads to lessened feelings of love.

2. Abuse - Mental and physical abuse even if it is something as small as name calling can be one of the biggest killers of a relationship and many people are in an abusive relationship for a long time before it finally ends.

3. Emotionless and cold relationships - If a relationship is starting to lose the excitement that it once held then it is possible for one or both parties to fall out of love. This can also lead to infidelity where a partner is desperate to get the love and affection they need and therefore go elsewhere to get it.

4. No time for each other - Busy lives are one of top reasons that relationships fall apart with the people within the relationship not having enough time to show each other that they are loved and not being able to do the things that they enjoy doing together.

5. Falling in love with someone else - Sometimes this simply cannot be helped and falling for another person will inevitably break apart the existing relationship that a person is in.

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