What Women Expect From a Man
What Women Expect From a Man

What Women Expect From a Man

Being a man

Women like to feel that their men-folk are "proper" men. Men who are accomplished, capable of making decisions (usually in consultation), but always instinctively knowing their partners preferences. Men with ambition, with good careers, and with great prospects to look forward to on their journey through life together. A confident man, but a man who never takes her for granted.

Some women also like a little of the "bad boy" to be evident in their men. However, this more of just a tease, a little something to add spice to their relationship and in small controllable doses.

She also like her man to have impeccable manners and to act like a gentleman... opening doors for her...helping her in and out of the car.

Looks arent everything

Whilst this is true for a minority of women when seeking a man, it is not the case for the majority. Their mans good looks are there to be paraded in front of the world, also attesting to the fact that she and she alone had the necessary wiles to captivate him.

However, when all is said and done, women do not want a handsome bully or tyrant for a partner. Women would rather have a plain looking chap providing he has all of the other desirable attributes.

Paying her attention and remaining faithful

Women love attention, knowing that they are the only one for their man and that their love will never be rejected or besmirched.

The friend and lover

Sex is the physical manifestation of love, and a woman likes her man to be a confident and caring lover, to take the time to make their sexual encounters special, and to not be afraid to take the lead in new experiences together. But, every woman also wants her man to be her best friend.

The complete package

Women want their men to be the complete package, a friend and lover, faithful, handsome, humorous, and generous.

With just such a man, will a woman seek to spend the rest of her life. A man to give her all to, to raise a family with and to grow old with, gracefully, together, enjoying all the pleasures and experiences life has to offer along the way.

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