Understanding Russian Women
Understanding Russian Women

Understanding Russian Women

Russian & Ukrainian women are quite distinct. They have been brought up within a cultural, moral & political system that until less than two decades ago was shut off from the rest of the world.

Understanding these differences is important and can be very helpful in reducing the risks of misunderstandings, or worse causing offence.

It is fair to say that moral standards are above average and that the family unit is still very important and understanding this is very important. Gentlemenly conduct is I know a turn on, so be sensitive and thoughtful in the way you respond to the letters you receive from her. Take note of her observations and her perceptiveness. Allow your lady to take the lead, particularly when it comes to intimacy.

Do not hide, let her know what you look like! Anything less is unreasonable and unrealistic! Why are so many men wary of including their photo within their profile? It undoubtably is a mistake and greatly diminishes their chances of attracting a woman. How many of you would write to a lady, without first seeing her photo? A lack of photo is regarded by many ladies as suspicious. I know that it leads them to think that the man must be hiding something, or is afraid of something?

Due to circumstances beyond their control, the majority of these ladies are not economically well off, but they do seem to share an open and generous nature and a freedom and openess of heart and spirit. Do not dwell on your material status, she will think you shallow. Share your deeper qualities with her, your values and your perceptions. Whilst these ladies are not economically very secure, they are not shallow and dwelling on your material possessions, or success, is not the way to go. Ok, there will be a minority that will be very interested in knowing how wealthy you may, or may not be, but you must decide if this is the type of woman you seek?

Equally remember that these ladies are actively considering what will be for them a huge leap of faith and trust. They are considering leaving behind their family, friends and a way of life that they know. They will need to feel that you are financially secure and that you are in a position to support them and help them in a new country. An unknown country of different customs, language and values. She will need to know that you will be at her side in starting her new life.

Be patient, do not rush her. Be a gentlemen and allow her to determine the pace at which your romance develops and grows. Once she begins to feel sure and secure with you her tenderness and femininity will become apparent and clear. Telling her you love her after two letters could be a good way to lose her. The likelihood is she will have much to say to you, much to share with you. Listen and respond with care and sensitivity. Be attentive, listen and try to understand what she is telling you and be responsive. As these ladies are in general very intelligent they will both enjoy and respond to your attentiveness.

These ladies are in general smart and intelligent, they are well aware of their beauty, but are also aware that their beauty will not last forever, that it is a transitional thing. Allow her to express her deeper and more profound qualities, note them and better still compliment them.

Of course all ladies like to be told that they are beautiful, but do not forget her other qualities, her deeper qualities. Whilst Russian & Ukrainian women have a completely different take on feminism ( it is for them to be proudly and strongly feminine) they do want to be loved and admired as a complete and important person. Not as an item, or trophy. Someone or something to hang onto the arm of a man as if a decoration. Many of these ladies are well aware of their physical beauty and attraction, but concentrating solely on this beauty could cause them to feel unsure of the depth of your sincerity. Compliment her on her inner qualities and her values also.

Be generous of nature and of heart with her. If you have any doubts, or suspicions about the lady you are sharing correspondence with, she will almost certainly feel it within your words and it will be a huge turn off for her. Be open, honest and trusting and she will reciprocate. Any sign of meanness of spirit, or nature and you will loose her. Yes of course you can send gifts, or flowers, it is normal when romancing any woman, but try to be with her open and generous this is something very attractive for these ladies.

Be patient with her; allow her to take the lead in all. Be relaxed, interested and sincere. Try to understand her, her points of view, her hopes and fears and her values and perceptions. Allow the romance to develop naturally and allow the bond to grow and develop at a natural pace. It will be well worthwhile.

One of the great surprises and joys awaiting the man that is romancing a Russian woman is discovering personally the depth and quality of her inner world and glimpsing her perpectives and perceptions. Discovering personally the the level of awareness and perception shared by these ladies will be a very pleasant and enjoyable part of the romance and as trust and understanding develops the qualities within your lady will become ever more apparent. Bide your time, be attentive and be patient. Your success could depend upon it and your quest will be all the more successful.


Russian & Ukrainian women share many distinct and admirable qualities, due to their unique cultural and family oriented history. Understanding these distinctions can be very helpful in your quest for a Russian Bride. Learn more at:-