Starting Your Own Martial Arts Demonstration Business

Starting Your Own Martial Arts Demonstration Business

If you are a martial arts expert, then you may be interested in starting your own business with demonstrations for those interested in getting an introduction into the technique. When starting a martial arts business, you will want to charge a reasonable fee to entice your guests into attending your class. If you want them to return, you will need to introduce new techniques and martial arts demonstrations at each meeting.

A martial arts class will involve students practicing and perfecting various techniques, which means you will need to have a building with ample floor space. The mat area should be padded to help students avoid injuries when they fall. Due to the nature of the martial arts industry, you may be required to pay a higher fee when it comes to liability insurance. For additional information and requirements, a local insurance agent will be able to answer all questions pertaining to insurance relating to hosting a martial arts class.

When it comes to getting the word out about any new business, the task can often be daunting. One of the best ways to begin is through self-promotion, which includes the use of press releases, local radio stations and a website. Paid advertisements are good if you have the budget, but most new business owners are struggling just to stay afloat. Regardless of whether you are working with a budget or simply dont want to pay the high prices for a print ad, consider free promotion as the best money you will never spend.

A press release, which consists of up to one page, is a marketing experts best friend. If you are opening a new business, running a membership special or have recently added a new program to your martial arts class, consider writing a brief press release and submitting it to local newspapers, magazines and/or television stations. The beginning of the press release should mention your news and conclude with a brief paragraph about your business and/or your training as an instructor. If you have a photo to accompany your news, the chances of having your news published is even greater as editors always appreciate a quality photo to go along with a story.

The next step on your way to a popular martial arts business will be found with local radio stations. Every DJ runs on-air contests and may be willing to work with you in your quest for free publicity. In exchange for your granting the radio station permission to give away free martial arts instruction to selected radio callers, you will be getting free publicity as the station announces the giveaway and provides details about your new business location. This is one of the most excellent, and overlooked, forms of publicity.

Other ways to promote a new martial arts business would include creating a website and promoting it through the use of article marketing, link exchanges and press release submission websites. When word begins to spread about your new company, you may begin to notice a gradual increase in potential martial arts students. If needed, continue to repeat the promotional steps to include new press releases, membership specials and radio promotions until your company is off the ground and running.

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