3 Good Reasons To NOT Get A Tattoo
3 Good Reasons To NOT Get A Tattoo

3 Good Reasons To NOT Get A Tattoo

Thinking about getting a tattoo? Well, dont. Thats it. Thanks for reading.

Ok, its not that simple. But you really shouldnt get one. Why not? It would be SO COOL! Right??? You could get one of your current girlfriends name! Cause you know youre gonna be together forever and ever and ever!!! Great idea!!!

Or wait, better yet, you could get one of your favorite band. Thats all good until you find out theyve been lip-syncing and all the guys in the band are actually women disguised as men. Good work!

Lets see, what else can we get a tattoo of? Or wait, lets think about where we can get a tattoo on our bodies? You could get one on your neck. Hope you never want to have a good job! Cause youre probably not gonna get one! But boy, is that tattoo worth it! Get that needle ready and do it up!

This is so fun! Lets get our whole body tattooed until its not even recognizable that we were humans to begin with! Thats intelligent! Isnt it? Tattoos are so great! Cause you know, if you have a tattoo then youre cool! And youre really tough! Right???

Ok, so this is sarcastic. There are a wide variety of reasons NOT to get a tattoo. The top 3 are as follows:

- Tattoos are permanent! (Getting them removed is difficult and will leave scars.)

- Tattoos can prevent you from getting a job!

- When youre older, you may regret the tattoo but youre stuck with it!Got a tattoo you need to get rid of? Learn about your tattoo removal tca options at http://www.nuviderm.com