Steak Tips - What Part of the Cow do Steak Tips Come From?

Steak Tips - What Part of the Cow do Steak Tips Come From?

In past few years we have been bombarded with the question what cut of meat do steak tips come from. There is no true definition for steak tips as it can mean quite of variety of things. Most the time steak tips come from the sirloin. Without asking the question to your meat supplier, what part of the cow do steak tips come from, you may never truly know.

Another popular topic of interest relates to how do you broil Steak Tips. To cook steak tips on the broiler is very easy to do. Visit the efoodschool website for details on what it takes to prepare steak tips.

Another popular question seems to be how long do you broil steak tips. At this point our steak tips are already cooked and we want to achieve some browning for the maillard reaction. The actual broiling of the steak tips should only take 2-3 minutes per side.

Another method to go towards is making pan fried Steak Tips. Pan frying steak tips is a good way to achieve some of the maillard reaction or caramelizing also known as browning. This is done by starting with a very hot frying pan or skillet. Make sure you put a small amount of oil in the pan just before you place your well seasoned steak tips in the hot pan. The oil will prevent sticking from happening. By cooking steak tips in the frying pan with high heat, you layer a similar flavor you would get on a grill. This process will take about 3 mintues and afterwards you will pan sear the steak for about another 3 minutes.

To tenderize the steak tips just make sure you marinade them as much as possible. Simple marinades should include some acidic liquid. Gas grilling steak tips can be tricky due to their inconsistent sizes. If you are looking for a good set of links that shows some great online resources to buy steak tips click on one of the above links and visit the website!To find out more about steak tips and other steak techniques visit! Visit Cook Steak Tips - What Cut of Meat do Steak Tips Come From?.