Ways To Tease A Guy: 3 Ways To Make Any Guy Go Crazy Over You

Ways To Tease A Guy: 3 Ways To Make Any Guy Go Crazy Over You

There are many ways to tease a guy. However, there is also a thin line between playful teasing and something that looks so forced, it becomes painful to watch. So if you dont want to embarrass yourself, youve come to the right place.

In this article, Ill share with you some great ways to tease a guy. After reading this article, I hope youll be able to catch a man you can call your own.

1) Smile Naturally.

Guys like girls who know what it means to have a good time. If you want to learn ways to tease a guy, this is one way to do it.

Show the guy that you are indeed having the time of your life. You dont even have to smile at him. Just be your usual, confident self... enjoy a glass of wine with your girlfriends and show off that smile of yours.

If youre feeling a little bold, you can turn to look at the guy and flash him a smile before turning back to your friends. This is one move that is guaranteed to catch the attention of a lot of guys.

2) Make Nice Conversation.

One of the proven ways to tease a guy is by making nice conversation. Find a way to squeeze in a few compliments here and there to make him blush. Comment on how nice his hair looks today or how his muscles seem to be more prominent lately.

Dont sing him too many praises though, because that just might make you seem like youre trying too hard. Be playful in your conversations. Dont talk about serious topics.

3) Touch and Go.

If you really want to tease a guy, I suggest you find reasons to touch him. Did he just close a deal? Pat him on the back. Is he tired from work? Rub his shoulders a bit. Want to show your support? Lightly touch his arm.

If youre not ready for this sort of touching yet, perhaps you can start with a high-five first. You cant touch a person and have him feel your hands trembling from nervousness!

But if youre comfortable with a little light touching, then try some of these moves out. The key here is moderation. Dont touch him all the time because that will make you look clingy. And we all know how guys dislike having clingy girlfriends.

There are more ways to tease a guy, but the three mentioned above are some of the most basic yet effective ones. Master them and youll have guys wrapped around your finger in no time.

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