Sweet things to say to your guy
Sweet things to say to your guy

Sweet things to say to your guy

Thinking of sweet things to say to your boyfriend can be difficult, especially if you are not accustomed to saying sweet things or perhaps a little shy or embarrassed.

Your boyfriend may also feel likewise so there are a few things you might want to take into account before diving in had first!

Among all the nice things to say to your boyfriend those famous three little words usually say it all but I know that you want to make it out of the ordinary and personalise it so lets talk about giving compliments...
I love you may be a nice thing to say to your man but why do you love him? Whats so special about him that you love? What has he done for you that no-one else can or why do you adore spending all of your time with him?

A good friend once told me that a compliment only meant something if it involved taking a risk. Thinking on that,what they are trying to say is that it must mean something and you must show your feelings a little for it to mean anything.

An example, we thought about the phrase "I love you", it might be a nice thing to say but would he want that or something that you took a little risk over and showed your feelings more?

For instance (Supposing this were the case) "I wondered if you ever thought about how much I adore the way you have made me be a more self assured person and love myself a lot more. Thats why I love you."

See how one is a loving thing to say to your boyfriend but the other is not only sweet, it is sincere and you took a risk. Which one do you think he will appreciate more?

Weve spoken of compliments, lets discuss the right way to do it...
Pick Your Time
Boys are different from us girls and it is really wise to pick your time wisely. You may think it is funny to say something slushy to your guy at a time he is speaking on the telephone to his work colleagues or he is with his pals but that sweet thing you said to your bloke will end up making him look foolish and could possibly even cause an argument.
Besides, its preferable to catch him when you are alone and simply whisper it into his ear... Dont you think?

How to do it?
If you are having problems dreaming up of nice things to say to your guy then here is a way to quickly think of a couple and go from there...

Simply jot down 3 things he has done for you. Things that were special, adorable... anything like that. Make sure you start it with "you" and not "he."

Okay, once youve done that write down how they made you feel inside, how much you appreciated it and what it means to you.

Thats it, all youve got to do is arrange them. Lets look at an example:

1.You stood for 2 hours with me in the horrible rain when we first met, stood for my bus
2.You prepared food for all of my family the first time you met them
3.You always open the door for me, carry my bags and allow me to go first

It makes me...
Feel special
Feel loved
Go all tingly inside
Look forward to being with you
Glad I met you

I appreciate it...
More than anything
More than youll ever know

Put them together...
"I loved the way you stood for 2 hours with me in the torrential rain when we first met, waiting for my bus, it made me feel so special and I am so glad I met you, I love you more than youll ever know."

So, mix it up and see if it feels good, if it does, youll know...

Get started and make today the day you say some kind things to your guy!

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